Saturday, September 30, 2017


Some years back, Nigeria got her independence, before then there were various settlements that constituted the country Nigeria.
The country Were under the grip of the colonial masters who exploited both the socio economic and political situation of their colony for their own benefit. The Europeans packed our people away as slaves  and heinously exploited the economy to boost their gains at the detriment of our people.

But after a long twilight, there came a glorious dawn. On the first of October 1960 the British flag the union jack was lowered for the Green White Green, Nigeria flag to be hoisted. This suppose to be the beginning of the goodies and chances for rapid development and growth. But alas! Our  emerging leaders got it wrong and misused the great opportunity.

The truth is that from day one, the foundation of our sovereignty has been laid on shaky ground. No sooner that the Union Jack lowered for the Nigerian flag that our leaders started digging the foundation of the gloomy future.

Ist of October, 1960 could have been a very significant day for Nigerians if we had got it right from the onset, Fifty seven (57) years on the line, the country is still fumbling and wobbling with the economy and democracy.

The problems of the country today can be traced to our political leaders. This will surely be asinine to argue to the contrary. They started badly. They didn't have the interest of the masses at heart. Parties were formed on tribal lines- The NPC for the north, the NCNC east and AG west so there was no solid foundation for national cohesion and unity from the beginning.

The truth of the matter is that, democracy is yet to be rooted fully in Nigerians lexicon. We are still experimenting it. Every politicians practice it according to his own whims and capricies. Parties are no longer formed on ideological lines. Strange bed fellows come together freely. Realignment and cross carpeting are now very popular and happens almost on daily basis.

This resulted into politicians moving from one party to another at will. Some labour party whose chances of getting political slots from the party crossed over to PDP. ACN, APC and others coalesce to form APC. It is still the same people governing this country from the beginning that are still in power up till this moment and this has make the economy of this country to remain stagnant because we are still following the old trends and Ideology.

No wonder the youths of some parts of this country who felt cheated by this old cargoes have took it as a point of responsibility to resist them and in doing that, it has caused this country a lots.
Crime! Immortality and wanton killing, arson, rape, crude oil theft and such criminal activities are now the other of the day.

Just recently, Insurgency has taken over in such a terrible dimension. Many Innocent lives have been wasted. The residents of the north east extraction have mostly affected, displaced and bastardized, Churches were burnt and destroyed and the worshippers were killed in their thousands. Over 200 students of the government girls college Chibok, Borno State were carted away into captivity.

Never mind the common saying that Nigeria is the giant of Africa. But the question is can she provide succor to its teeming population?

Hope is not lost anyway, what we have refused to gain this 57 years ago can still be doubly achieved in some years ahead if the will is there.

We need selfless leaders who ready to print their names on gold and etch their footprints on the sand of time. Put the right people in the right places, things will just have to move.

The government should create enabling environment for commerce to strive and business to grow.

It is rightly believed that the adoption of the resolutions of the national conference that was held in 2014 during the administration of our ex- president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will definitely make the difference. President Mohamadu Buhari should ensure that the report is implemented fully so that the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain.

I therefore concluded that the responsibility of making this country a place of pride lies in the hands of the youths of this country because they are still energetic and they should have learnt from the past. Although some of our nowadays youths are worst than the elders but I believed that we still have some reasonable youths in the country that can take over from them and make positive change in the country.

Also, there is need to restructure Nigeria so that whatever is worth given to each zones should be given to them without any sentiments.

With all hands on deck, determination and will to succeed exhibited by the people, the future is still very bright for Nigeria.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Long live Ondo  State.
Long live Nigeria Youth.

Part Two Coming Soon.......

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