Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I wish to discharge my first obligation by thanking all ARBICANS especially the college provost and the Dean Division of Student's Affair, friends and family, all senators and stakeholders in regardless of the way they supported the good course and for coming out on different occasions to mobilize, canvass and support the interest of the College and the State at large. The verdict of Nigerian Students is supreme. So it's not just a victory for Adewunmi Azeez; but a victory for the ONDO state students movement, a victory for common sense and also a victory for peace, unity and stability.

Recently, Com Kowe Odunayo Aka KALUSA have demonstrated to the whole world that he has the will and talent to build a truly democratic country in which all the students will not only live in peace and freedom, but also where their rights and aspirations will be respected and protected.

"At this point I will like to congratulate my 3 worthy opponents Com. Eba of OSUSTECH, Com. Veejay of RUGIPO and my name sake Com. Babatunde Azeez Babtee of OSUSTECH I extend my heart of friendship to them, like I use to tell them we aren't opponents we are contemporaries,contestants and one family.

I will assure the Nigerian Students at large and friends of Ondo State in particular, that my government will vigorously pursue the promotion of genuine peace in all schools and community at large. My government shall spare no effort to effect the total elimination of racism and other forms of oppression and exploitation.

I also congratulate the outgone JCC chairman Comrade Atolusi Anthony pka Antoz for a successful tenure and for conducting a riot free convention. I also extend my greeting to the SA to Mr Governor in person of Hon Adewunmi who by privileged he's a name sake too and all potential stakeholders leader Osama, Kenko, Osha, Igwe, Tk, Calusa, Jesu Maria, Radical, Wealth, Aluta General, Bosco, Afope, Profelee, Slim, Sharp, Fat Baron, Lakesite, Lkt, Last Born, Pinky, Samsudeen and those I forgot to mention their names, I acknowledge you all.

At this junction I want to use this medium to appreciate my amiable senators, Com. Newton of FUTA, Com. Moyen of RUGIPO, Com. Bee of HEALTH TECH, Com. Optimum of AAUA, Com. Festus of NURSING, Com. Simbiat of MIDWIFERY, Com. Obat of FECA, Com. Samuel of OSUSTECH and my wonderful senator Com. Omosebi Insight of ACE Ondo and most especially the senators who stood their ground and fight for the interest of the Nigerian students resisting the intimidation, threats and stomach infrastructure.

I believe and feel strongly committed to my determination, if stepping down was their policy I also have the policy of not stepping down. I can pay no better tribute to my senators than to continue in the spirit with which they had led in another executives without compromising.

My regime shall be purposeful and enlightened and as you all know I'm approachable and responsive to constructive opinion, not petty but fair, firm and decisive.

Senators rejection to accept bribe calls for sacrifice and discipline at all levels of our society. I appeal to all Ondo state youth and students to co-operate with the newly elected executives of the National Association of Nigerian Students in their endeavor to give our institutions a new lease of life.

Some make it because they are determined and some make it because they are destined to make it. I am an abnormal human being because I make a move. The normal man goes no where and does noting and success becomes a taboo for them.

Thus, the shame of our empty political independence without the concomitant economic independence and social justice are the basis of "indiscipline", poverty, ignorance etc. I as a student totally reject the continuous criminal perpetuation of exploitation and oppression unleashed against the students of our land.

  The utterances and actions of our leaders who rule against their personal wish and desire indicate trusted elites and power welders who are Nigerians in only Names.

I use to ask the set of people we call "Leaders", they occupy a position today so certain people of individuals left the position for them which serve as a platform for them to grow up. If they decide not to leave that position for the younger generation when will our followers call us leaders too. Young shall grow but we are not given the opportunity to grow.

It is not a case that the younger generation of this country wishes to eject the older generation from the position and status of administrative authority they have unchallengeable monopolize for so long. Rather our contention is that if birds will not engage in unhealthy rivalry, the sky is wide enough for both the old and the young to fly simultaneously.

I implore the younger generations to utilize this brilliant opportunity by proving the society wrong of the concept of "everybody has a price". They thought we can be enslave by selling our right and we ended up disappointing them.

They say politics is a dirty game, for me its the game of the intellects. There are dirtiness everywhere, we have seen pastors who sleep with church members and we have seen lecturers who poses threats to fail female students who refuse to date them. So it now depends on who you are, who you want to and what you want to be. If I died today and have the opportunity of coming back again, I will love to come back as me.

I like to be underestimated and the lesson learnt from this is that you don't wait for conditions to be perfect. They will never be. If you wait until you have all the information to make a decision, you will wait forever.

And if anyone feels I'm too young to rule, think about the power of mosquito.

God bless Ondo state
God bless NANS
God bless Nigeria
Com Adewunmi Azeez

Adebowale Babatunde PKA Ade
Chairman elect, Adeyemi College of Education.
Aluta Continua : Victoria Aserta
Struggle continue: victory is certain

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