Sunday, September 3, 2017

Brutality: Police in Ondo detain two cops

The Ondo State Police Command said it had arrested two policemen accused of brutalising a man at an Automated Teller Machine point in Akure, Ondo State capital.

In a video posted on the Internet on Saturday, some men suspected to be policemen were seen beating up a man at the ATM point in Oja Oba Market.
The incident reportedly occurred on Friday .

One of the attackers was seen in the video in mobile police uniform , the others were in mufti with one of them holding a rifle.

A trader at the scene of the assault, who spoke on condition of anonymity , told SUNDAY PUNCH that the victim was attacked on Friday morning.
He said, “We saw the policemen attacking the man. We didn ’ t know what caused the cops to attack the man but they beat him mercilessly .

“When some people tried to separate them , one of them (policemen) fired a shot into the air to disperse everybody; after that , they took the man away . ”

When the Public Relations Officer of the command, Mr . Femi Joseph , was contacted on Saturday for his comment on the incident, he said that the policemen involved had been detained .

Joseph , however , added that the person brutalised by the cops was a psychiatric patient.

He said, “We have the information that the victim is a psychiatric patient because his family has brought his medical records to us . He slapped the policeman when he was being prevented from forcibly opening the gate of the bank .

“In spite of that , we will still punish our men . The health status of the man did not warrant that he should be beaten up . This command does not tolerate indiscipline among our officers and they will not go unpunished for that . ”

Source: The Punch

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