Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Eight-year-old girl, one other killed as plane falls on beach

An eight- year - old girl and a man were killed while sunbathing when a small plane plummeted on to a crowded beach in Portugal on Wednesday , apparently due to engine failure .

The plane made little noise as it skimmed low over hundreds of people on Sao Joao da Caparica ’s sands , about 20 kilometres (12 miles) south of Lisbon , witnesses told Portuguese media .

“It happened very fast , there was no chance to prepare… to run, ” Enrique Coelho, who was playing with his son at the beach and saw the plane crash , told cable news station SIC Noticias .

The victims were hit by the plane, the commander of the port of Lisbon , Jose Isabel , told reporters at the scene.

The girl was with her parents , who were unhurt , witnesses said.
The two occupants of the plane were unhurt and were led away by police for questioning .

The plane, a Cessna CS - AVA , had been rented by the Aviacao Aerocondor flight training school in Cascais , a seaside town near Lisbon, the school said in a statement .

“The plane was carrying out a training flight with a student and a senior instructor, who had a great deal of experience , ” it said.

The instructor could be heard telling a control tower that the plane had suffered engine failure and was going to make an emergency landing , according to a recording broadcast on Portuguese television .

Beachgoers surrounded the plane after it crash landed and confronted its two occupants , the images also showed .

The plane appeared to have a partly broken left wing , which hung lower than the right wing.


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