Friday, March 31, 2017

Meet "YoungAluta" An Aspirant For OSUSTECHSU P.R.O

Smart360News: Nice to have you here sir, can I meet you?

YoungAluta: I am Comrade Obabire Adebayo.
Popularly known as YoungBoizy,
Radically known as YoungAluta.

Smart360News: Where do you school?

YoungAluta: Ondo State University of Science and Technology Okitipupa (OSUSTECH).

Smart360News: I heard your Students Union Government election is on the way, do you aspire to contest?

YoungAluta: Yes I aspire to contest

Smart360News: Can I know about the post you are vying for.

YoungAluta: I am Vying for the Post of the Public Relation Officer (PRO)

Smart360News: Wow!, since when have you been building this ambition, also why do you want to go for the post?

YoungAluta: I have been building this ambition ever since i gained admission into this citadel of learning.

YoungAluta: I want to go for the post in ensuring to bring quality information to the student without any form of misinformation, and also planning to bring in media agencies to my citadel of learning.

Smart360News: If I may ask, what can you say to this, when someone tells you that "INFORMATION IS POWER"?

YoungAluta: Yes Information is power because information plays an Important role in every human activity,it is said that information is power, but on the other hand, that information by itself is worthless and cannot solve problems. Information has power only when used and applied effectively.

Smart360News: Good, with the post you are vying for now, so you want to tell the whole Nigeria students that, your information will always be powerful and you are going to apply it effectively?

YoungAluta: Yes exactly.

Smart360News: How can you use media to boost the effectiveness of information in your school?

YoungAluta: By bringing in osustech weekly magazines, having Journalist correspondence among the students in our school, which will help to bring about faster means of spreading information.

Smart360News: I guess you are only building up your school students into this, why not local and international Journalist?

YoungAluta: Yes i am, At least been a correspondent under a newspaper and television station, it will build them up for local and international journalist. We don't have an Association of Campus journalist yet in our school. So i will build it up little by little and moreover our union is just upcoming. If we invite the local and international journalist without building the campus Journalist when they come they wont get actual information which can leads to misinformation.

Smart360News: Alright, thanks for you time, we meet next time.

YoungAluta: Ok God bless u sir

Smart360News: Amen

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