Saturday, March 11, 2017

Six sex positions women hate

Some men are addicted to pornographic movies , learn so much from them and then expect their women to replicate what they see when they want to have sex in real life.
Well, women are saying that inasmuch as they don’ t mind creativity or adventure in bed , certain positions are simply a no -no . And they have their reasons!
What are these positions? These ones…

69 : This is a position that is only meant for oral sex . Here, both of you lie down like 6 and 9, with each person ’ s head close to their partner’ s genital . Got the picture? As much as it looks hot in movie , the average woman hates it. It ’ s better you discuss this with your woman to see if she ’ s into it .

Standing up : Well , the question is, how easy is it to sustain an erection while bearing your woman’ s entire body weight on your waist? Beyond this , men should realise that with this position, they cannot hit any of the correct angles a woman needs to get off . So , why bother?

In the shower: In addition to the inconveniencies of stand -up sex, water is an anti - lubricant and it ’ s capable of getting in the way.

The oil driller: Here , the woman has her legs hoisted up in the air while the man hammers down as if he ’ s drilling for oil . This does absolutely nothing for the woman except remind her how much she values oxygen when her chin is smashed to her chest and you ’ re happily masturbating with her vagina .

Reverse cowgirl: Here , you lay back , hands propped behind your head , having a glorious view of a lady ’ s rear while she services you . Sometimes , it’ s too much work for the woman , as she may find it difficult to keep your penis inside her !

Legs behind the head : As much as you may think we enjoy being folded like a meat pie and bounced on , it’ s not a desirable sex position at all . It doesn ’ t allow for much clitoral stimulation , and it’ s exceedingly uncomfortable.

The bottom line: Know your woman’ s sexual preference.

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