Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fear of pregnancy stops me from enjoying sex

DearBunmi, I have a problem that has been worrying me ever since my relationship with myboyfriend became physical. We’ve been together for six months.I’m 22 and he is acouple of years older, but since we started having sex, I constantly worry aboutbecoming pregnant. We use condoms, but I can’t enjoy sex as the fear of pregnancy is always on my mind.

 Aisha, by e-mail. Dear Aisha, Given that you have not been a couple for long enough to know each other’s sexual history, it would be wise to add to your fear of pregnancy the equally real fear of sexually transmitted infections. STls are on the increase in your age group because young people are becoming lazy about barrier contraceptive methods. Only the condom can prevent pregnancy and shield both partners from infection. 

Maybe you would feel more secure using a contraceptive pill as well as the condom, at least until you are absolutely confident of his sexual health. If the condom should split, a rare event, the morning – after pill from a reputable chemist could help you put your mind at ease, although there is a risk of queasiness. Meanwhile, keep using the condom. You’re obviously new at the game, and inexperience is the main cause for lack of enjoyment. Gaining experience with someone you love can be fun if you let it. 

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