Friday, February 10, 2017


By Rasak Ayanlakin (Democrat)

We’re in a serious preparation to embark on a journey to Ilesha yesterday; on a mission to go and rejoice with, and congratulate our brother who emerged the Students’ Union President of the school; then, I received the call of Comrade Ologbenla Adedoyin (Oloo).

He informed me his attention had been drawn to a critical issue; he’d need my presence at Osogbo. He needed my assistance to support in conducting the necessary investigations/consultations before justice could be pursued on the case.

I was already pre-occupied by the Ilesha journey, and what I could do was to provide an articulate/reliable replacement. He suggested I call Comrade Oyedeji Afeez (Experience), and I did.

They're were on an essential assignment to pursue an undiluted justice for a young lady; she was not only raped, the raping processes were also videoed.

Fortunately, with the intervention of these comrades, the culprits were caught, duly punished and tortured by uniform men, and all videos deleted yesterday.

Their case would have been dragged to court but the victim was afraid the case might get wider publicity or gain momentum and public attention. She just wanted the video ceased to avoid the humiliating news getting spread like kerosene fire.

Rape culture has become fashionable in our contemporary societies – the reasons for its persistence are not farfetched.

We sometimes browse over the internet, and come across sympathetic information about rape victims. A lady has been raped here – another one has been raped there. I beg your pardon, what’s the cause?

I’ll have no other truth to mention than “rape remains fashionably a tradition/culture, possibly because at the end, rapists are found celebrated”.

Many alleged rapists have been arrested and tried in a court of law (a kangaroo court, to be sincere with the world) – but ended up being exonerated from the charge. We are no more flabbergasted/surprised seeing the court burying the truth/fairness.

Rapists are mostly exonerated from brutal rape charges after several manipulations of justice.

They’re later found in beer parlors celebrating, eating, drinking and chopping knuckles. This is where the poor society witnesses the turbulence of social jamborees.

When a rape victim is hospitalized, everybody rushes down to the hospital with deep sense of sympathy. They care about her critical state of health. Poor victims sleep helplessly on the bed – regretting being created a female. Oh! Callous rapists have turned female creation to a naturally undeserved predicament.

How was she raped? How many people forced her into having sex? All these among other questions basically exist to subject the world of feminism to open odium and opprobrium.

Let’s say “a lady was raped in his boyfriend’s house”; this is where majority of our people will start contributing baseless opinions.

They commence to salivate gibberish and dull statements like, “she willfully allowed herself to be raped”, “was she hypnotized before having her way into the man’s room?”, “every woman who pays a man a visit should be expecting anything (soro niyen).

They believe it’s only an irresponsible lady that pays his male friend a courtesy visit - they consider it the greatest risk a woman would take. Would a responsible man take advantage of a humble visitation to hurt a woman’s sense of true feminism? No.

A woman raped by a single man is never raped. Why couldn’t she struggle to be an escapee? Did you even see her crying/resisting during/after the raping process? Has she never been sexed by a single man before now? Is sexual violence from a single man too heavier for her to withstand?

These among other questions make our rapists raise their shoulders higher than heads believing they are actually practicing a rewarding traditions and culture.

Common rapists now fly polo – and walk majestically on our streets without applicable moral/legal sanction. To them, they are not at fault; hence, they keep the unpatriotic flag flying.

We have a society that sees rape as punishing apparatus (especially for ladies who dress indecently, or those who’d been rude in their choice of words in some previous emotional communications with men).

They call it a punishment that serves as deterrents to other females whose dresses tempt men to sexual misbehavior or violence.

If dressing indecently poses threat on our social progress – does it pose any threat than the rapist himself does? And, if indecent dressing is a social poison, could rape be the required medicine to the poison?

How a woman dresses should not be barbarously capitalized upon to punish her with rapes. The authoritative idea that female dresses are elements of seductions and temptations – and thus prompt the persistence of rape culture is not genuine enough to stand as excuse.

A responsible man must understand the consent of a lady need be pleaded for, before laying her back on a bed.

If their consents truly mean nothing to some people (rapists), and their consents not respected as a point of consideration, then, somebody like me, a social media commentator, will label it a novel dimension of physico-mental slaveries. Yes! Physico-mental slaveries.

Conclusively, war and campaigns against rape or sexual violence had become a sine-qua-non. The society should stop telling our ladies to be careful of men - and start educating our men not to see rape culture as excusable or forgivable offences.

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