Friday, February 3, 2017

Building Community for Success- Comr. Ogunyemi Sunday (Elemure)

The community health department of CHTA stated her health week Wednesday February 1st, 2017 and has been a success story since.

Today, the umbrella association of the department NACSN under the leadership of Comr. Ogunyemi Vincent organised a public lecture in the cooler auditorium as part of the activities to celebrate the health week.

The lecture tagged "Building Community For Success" delivered by Comr. Ogunyemi Sunday, a man of high intellectual capacity and a well respected man of the society drew the attention of all in attendance to the need for coming together of every member ofghe community to attain a desired success level.

In his speech, he defined community as "the coming together of people to attain a success level". He explained further community as a process of setting goals, developing strategy, outline of tasks and schedule to achieve them. Comr. Ogunyemi Sunday made comments about the state of the association and their planning towards the week saying " what I saw here today is a failure and not a success, to avoid this in the nearest future proper planning should be put in place", stressing further that no proper planning has been put in place as it seem the association President have been working on his own.

To overcome all these, division of labour should be put in place amongst excos to achieve the real aim of there plans.

Also, Ogunyemi advised that steps should be put in place in building careers, identifying problems.

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