Monday, May 16, 2016

See The Reasons Why Singer Lil Kesh Left YBNL


He has just cleared the air waves of all the
rumors flying around over his peer pressure
reasons of leaving YBNL….. In a recent interview
with Punch, Lil Kesh said no one or peer group
pressurized him to leave YBNL.
Kesh said,

“People are still getting it wrong; no
peer group or friends pressurised me
to leave YBNL. To set the record
straight, I don’t move with any other
crew other than YBNL; so who would
possibly want to influence me?
Nobody. It has always been Olamide’s
dream that we all grow big in the
industry; Olamide had shared the idea
with me before I even thought of it. I
am still very much around in the
industry and good stuff is still going to
come out from my stable and YBNL.

“The fact that I am floating my own
label does not matter, neither does it
mean that I am no longer under YBNL.
That is where a lot of people are
getting it wrong. Olamide and YBNL
movement are still managing me as
an artiste and the fact that I have my
own label simply means that YAGI
Records is being managed by YBNL.
We are still together; I and Olamide
still record in the same studio and
work with same set of producers. As
you all know that YBNL is a family
thing and we all support one

he concluded.

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