Monday, May 16, 2016

Photo: Two Nigerians arrested at Cambodian airport for smuggling 1.27 kilos of cocaine in their stomach

canaAccording to the National Authority for Combating
Drugs, two Nigerian men were arrested at Phnom
Penh International Airport on Monday, May 9 for
smuggling 1.27 kilograms of cocaine inside their
bodies. The men identified as Okafor Ifeanyi
Anthony and Adibe Paschal flew from Nigeria to
Vietnam, via Qatar, and then to Cambodia, using
Qatar Airways flight Q970.

"When the [authorities] detained them at the
airport, he found some substances which they
carried in their hands," said In Song, an official
at the Anti-Drug department at the Ministry of
Interior. "They carried this substance to
deceive us."

"Police confiscated several bags of the
mysterious brown powdered substance but it
did not test positive for drugs.The drugs that
they hid were in their stomach," said Song.

Police extracted the drugs by ordering the Nigerians
to eat laxatives and excrete them on Tuesday and
Wednesday. Song said that the Nigerians were likely
bound for Pattaya in Thailand.

Source: Phnom Penh Post
Photo credit: National Police Cambodia

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