Saturday, April 9, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: Ondo State Government Officials And The Ondo State Students and Youths

nansTHE EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR OF ONDO STATE, DR OLUSEGUN RAHMAN MIMIKO P.K.A IROKO, you are a father, and you have been good to all Nigerian Students and Youths, if not for people like Hon. OLAMIDE GEORGE who is a real leader and first of its kind that his doors is always opened to everyone, Hon. Taye Badmus, S.A Mobilisation INSPECTOR and co wouldn't have been given the opportunity if you are not father of the youths. Sir, it is a pity that some under your umbrella are using your name to involve in Scandals in which we the Nigeria Students and Youths knows you aren't aware, we all know our governor to be Mr no-nonsense and we are always proud of you, People like AFILAKA, INSPECTOR and SAFETY are dividing the PDP youths every day. Sir, Election is coming on the way, please don't allow the hatred people in the Society have for those people to affect our PDP votes, you are only seeing those stakeholders smiling, its all lies, they are only looking for what they will eat. Sir, people in the Society are not happy at what they saw and heard about the last Concluded NANS JCC Election at FECA, why should AFILAKA, INSPECTOR AND SAFETY use your precious name to go and do an ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL inauguration for FALEGAN SAMSON who had just 2votes against the winner of the Election ANTOLUSI DAMILOLA who won with 5 votes, justice was done for you to become the Governor when late Dr. Olusegun Agagu denied you of your mandate, that is the reason why people in ONDO state love you more than anything. At this sensitive time your Excellency, even if at all anyone is APC then we should snatch the person from them, I want you to take a critical thinking about this issue sir, Antos 5 votes, Fadar 2 votes, Rugged 2 votes, if not that futa now inaugurate new president Antos would have gotten 6 votes, this is a pure prove that ANTOS has the energy, capacity and charisma that 70% students and Youths in Ondo State like, FADAR has no Electoral value nor SAFETY him self too, non of them can go out and talk to the Students and they wouldn't be stoned. Sir, don't you think we need ANTOS in our great party PDP, as it is now, the whole Ondo State Students and Youths have concluded that if Mr Governor did not resolve the issue on ground that anywhere they see SAFETY and FADAR then they are a roasted meet for chop. We love you Mr Governor sir but those sets of three idiots are dividing our PDP youths and Students. God bless you sir, God bless PDP

I can say now emphatically that who so ever that doesn't have a sweet home can never know how to build a sweet home

The SSA on Appointment to Ondo State Governor "AFILAKA" has shown that she's not a mother because all she knows how to do is causing problems inside and between the PDP youths and Students in the state. After checking through her history, we get to know that she is not from Ondo State, this is someone who was just given an opportunity by God to be where she is as at today and she's not from Ondo state, what a big privilege gotten by her through the humble Governor Dr Olusegun Mimiko.
Madam Afilaka has shown no sense of responsibility because she's not a mother, the Swindon Relationship between her and the greatest betrayal and most shameless Students rupter AYENURO TIMILEYIN A.K.A SAFETY, all we could find out is that they are indulging in a secret relationship. Madam Afilaka has succeeded in using Ondo State Government name to destroy alots of things, it is very painful because all these she's doing has made PDP youths and Students to be watching and fading away like a wind. The role Madam AFILAKA played in the just concluded NANS JCC ELECTION was a very sad one, that made the Nigeria youths and Students to be saying shame on the Government of the day, I want to believe that Mr Governor is unaware of all these nonsense act by her because she facilitated the fake and unconstitutional inauguration of FALEGAN SAMSON who had 2 votes over the winner of the concluded JCC ELECTION CHAIRMAN ELECT the person of Comrade Chief Engr ANTOLUSI DAMILOLA A.K.A ANTOS who pulled 5 solid standard votes over all other chairmanship contestants. Madam AFILAKA pls desist from your evil way of dividing the PDP youths and Students. If you have no family doesn't mean you shouldn't learn how to bring family together in Unity from your neighbors who are having sweet home.

S.A to Mr Governor on Mobilisation who has no proper certified certificate "INSPECTOR" who have been possing About impersonating that he's the S.A Youth to Mr Governor...is this how you want to be representing Mr Governor about in a fake way? Pls stop using Mr Governor name to spoil things, that was how you kept on lying two weeks ago using Mr Governor's name calling the Vice Chancellors and Rector across the state to tell their institution SUG Presidents not to attend the convention. The earlier the better you stop all these your stupid impersonation to be claiming to be S.A Youths whereas you are S.A on Mobilisation. INSPECTOR has succeeded in conspiracy with AFILAKA to ruin the love between the PDP youths and Students, all because they want to put someone who will always be dancing to their tune to be duping Mr Governor constantly, if any students or youth body writes a letter or request of a certain amount from the State government they will cut it down on their own part and collect the said requested amount out and divide it, thats an act of a rogue and stealing by office. INSPECTOR who had no sense of Comradeship and no record of students leadership, I don't blame him because he hasn't passed through the proper educational way of life, all INSPECTOR knows is to be vibrating about and fooling him self impersonating to be S.A youth....

OROFIN who had no certificate to show is also surfacing in making himself an instrument of uselessity like his boss, OROFIN cannot even boast of his ward, who knows him, he has no reputation and recognition in his ward, Orofin as always serve as a spy, you know what do end people like you, death by hanging and make sure you note it down today unless if you change your ways. This same Orofin went and lied against the National President of Naoss Comrade Adeolu Iwakun that he went and collect 500,000 from APC all because he protested for the interest of the Students he's representing at large

NANS VICE PRESIDENT NATIONAL AFFAIRS AYENURO TIMILEYIN SAFETY, you can't even stand in front of the Students to say greatest Nigeria Students because no one will respond to you, your name have gone on a soak mode into the dept of lost. You have succeeded in making the hatred the whole students across the state and nation for you to make PDP loose out the whole youths in the State.
You were the first person to say please no one should form fraction at the last concluded NANS JCC Election, Falegan Samson a.k.a FADAR02 losted the Election because he is your loyalist and due to your betraying platform in the Students Struggle no Senator was ready to vote for FADAR, that was why you tried as much as possible to let the Election be postponed so that Pope Jero of futa will hand over and wouldn't vote, what happened at last? Your said candidate that you because of him lying about that one person is APC so that government can adopt your stupid Candidate now lost with 2 votes. Please go and change your ways. Mr Governor is never the stupid type and will never be, so don't think Mr Governor will give you S.A Students Appointment because if he should give you, your names that has been destroyed among students and Youths will also affect our lovely progressive party PDP. An advice change your ways before its too late

FALEGAN SAMSON A.K.A FADAR02 the FAKE illegally inaugurated JCC Chairman for AFILAKA, INSPECTOR and SAFETY, do you know that by now you have only succeeded in one thing, you have succeeded in ruining your Future and carrier, you allow your self to be used by some greedy useless government officials who has no reputation in the society, all they do around is stealing by office, lying, division of PDP youth. Falegan samson the earlier the better you go and desist from been fake, its now all over the country that you had 2 votes and lost out of the Election, come together in love and work with Comrade Antos who had won the Election as Chairman Elect, trust me if you repent today we the Nigeria Students will gladly forgive you and join hands together to work for PDP because it's ours to build. Fadar please do not allow PDP to loose out thousands of votes because of the fraction you caused, remember you signed an undertaking, do you think your Glory is limited alone to JCC? History shall tell tomorrow if you go back to Ekiti where you came from and you want to contest for anything. Fadar had always betrayed the Nigeria Students interest all through his tenure as the Vice Chairman jcc

to all of you that brought your selves under the platform of fake Excos and fraction, you had shown you have no future and leadership quality, assuming you all win the various positions you contested for, that shows you shall all betray the interest of the Nigeria Students.

BJ 001 RUGIPO SUG, it's never a surprise because I know all you know is money and you never had up to half a million with all your rantings of trading the interest of the entire students you are representing for 20,000 naira only, shame on you. You serve as a Senator and casted your votes and you signed, definitely for you to have gone to attend a fake inauguration without the presence of the outgoing Chairman and his excos, without the presence of the convention chairman, clerk, Stakeholders and Students with press body, definitely you have stood low to your real deserve height, remember history will tell after you against future, it shall stand for a record not only for you but for your family and Generation.

Richard 001 ACE SUG, you have shown that you are fake DSM representative, you sold the interest of thousands of Nigeria Students out for 20,000 naira only with all your sweet mouth as if you are human being but animal covered with an human skin, shame on you, you brought a bad fame to ACE and your Generation, your future is ruined because you shall be reminded later in the future. Richard and rugged you are APC members a very CONC member

SOLAR 001 FUTA, you allowed an illegal inauguration to be done in your SUB. Why? We all know that Fadar lost the Election, you just sworn to an oath last week, definitely you have started your leadership with sense of betrayal, you have brought upon FUTA a bad name, if the Students of futa fold their hands and leave you without impeaching you for the immorality and illegality with bad name and fame you brought upon the School. Futasu SRC must Question you on that, you are a big fool because you have lost your glory into the ocean of forgettable.

OLANIPEKUN OLUWASANMI A.K.A CAPTAIN 001 OSUSTECH, you were expelled from AAUA for Examination malpractice, as if that wasn't enough, God gave you a second chance by getting you into Osustech, you became the SUG President, instead of you to build your future, you choose to ruin it with ordinary 20,000 naira, you sold the whole Osustech Students you are representing for just a token, you brought upon the institution a bad name, the SRC needs to question you for the bad tag you gave to the institution. Change your ways, all you are doing about is like colony just as ur stature like a beast that hasn't feed for days. You shall be reminded of your action later in the future. Noted across the Nation. You are a conc APC member from Day1 till Present tracing your history and background. See no room for APC in this State, you are all thieves, you your self knows Antos is never your member, So because you People want him in APC and he said No, you now want to set him up, you, Richard ACE001 should look for someone else and not Antos.

To HARDEX because of peanut you sold your recognition and glory, you refused to give the press release of the Electioneering process, you even went ahead and sold out the Electioneering Process video, shame on you, we have the video intact. You have failed and ruin all what you have work for in years back.

To all National Leaders, state Stakeholders, union Leaders and all observers at the last jcc nans Election at Feca who was present at the Election ground, endeavor to always say the truth of what happened all through the Electioneering process.

To all Security agencies SSS, POLICE AND CIVIL DEFENCE, thanks for your support so far for given a positive and comprehensive reports.

ENGR CHIEF COMRADE ANTOLUSI DAMILOLA NANS JCC CHAIRMAN ELECT, this serve as a trial and for you to know you are actually meant to be great in life. It is said that a part that has no obstacle is definitely a part that leads to no where.
Congratulations, Antos is not an APC member, it was just a coincidence that he was set up to see someone and the person requested for a shot and as a gentle boy who is ready to reckon with everyone in the society humbly accept to take the shot, this pics was sold out and Antos was having a very free mind, If Kalusa can remain with PDP all these while, I think INSPECTOR, AFILAKA should keep shut because kalusa will only bring someone who can stand firm for them and PDP as a whole, am sure fadar will even betray the said government. Comrade Antos won the Election and its very clear to the whole nation, nans zone D observants, Ekiti jcc observants, Osun jcc observants was on ground. Congratulations once again Antos

Please the Proper inauguration of the real original authentic Jcc Chairman Elect shall hold in days in a very large ceremonous way with the presence of the........................ wait and see

We are the leaders of today and not tomorrow because tomorrow never ends, lets start working for a better nans and leadership

PDP Power to the People

God bless PPN
God bless all Nigeria Students
God bless Nans jcc
God bless Ondo state
God bless Nigeria

Aluta Continua..... Victoria Ascerta....

Comrade Akotu David p.k.a Ginger
National President of PPN (Progressive People of Nigeria

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