Friday, April 29, 2016

Nigerian students in Canada complain about Economic Crisis

Nigerian-university-studentsSince the fall of oil prices, Nigeria's economy has
been thrown off balance which made the Central
bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, put some certain
policies in place, in order to maintain the value of
naira against the US dollar. This new development
has affected lots of Nigerians, especially those living in diaspora.

"I now eat once a day,"
BattaBox presenter in Canada,Precious, speaks to
Nigerian students who have been affected by the
economic meltdown.

"I can't graduate because i can't pay my fees,"
laments one lady
CBN has since ordered banks to stop accepting cash
deposits into foreign exchange accounts, which has
affected lots of students living abroad.

"My fees have not been paid for a semester," says
one guy
For those who eventually get money into their
accounts, getting the money out is another problem
since CBN proposed a new ATM withdrawal limit , not
to talk of losing more money due to the high
exchange rate.

"Our ATM cards are not working," complains one lady
"Its really embarrassing," she continues
"The economy is really really affecting me," one lady
But what happens if the Nigerian economy gets too
bad that parents can't afford to pay fees anymore?
"I won't go back home," replies one guy

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