Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Messi is worth €141m, while Cristiano Ronaldo is €101m - University report says

mmmmAccording to a new report by a Spanish University,
the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), Lionel
Messi has a higher net value than Cristiano Ronaldo.
With the Argentine valued at €141m millon while
Cristiano Ronaldo is valued at €101million.
The final figures according to the University report
were determined by an Analytic Hierarchy Process
multicriteria method which acknowledges variables
such as number of goals, assists per game, bookings,
leadership and marketing generated by the
Argentine and Portuguese players.
The study is in collaboration with Massachusetts
Institute of Technology and Harvard University.
This isn't the University's final report as the report
also said that Messi and Ronaldo's valuation will once
again be analysed by the 'Mooc' course, which will
begin on April 25.
Cristiano Ronaldo last year made a $40 million
investment into four 'CR7' boutique hotels and also
has his own game, perfume line, clothing line,
underwear line and has mansions in Manchester,
Madrid, Portugal, New York (Trump Towers) and
Morroco, plus endorsement deals with Sacoor
Brothers, Nike, Emporio Armani, KFC, Coca Cola and
motor oil company Castrol.
While Lionel Messi apart from companies allegedly
owned by him in tax havens and endorsement deals
with Samsung and Adidas, nothing is known of his
financial ventures.
Source: Marca

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