Sunday, April 3, 2016

Man sentenced to 2 years in jail for using his wife as a maid

5ye1aLondon's Woolwich Crown Court heard that 34 year
old Safraz Ahmed, kept his wife, 28 year old Sumara
Iram, a prisoner in their home. The courts heard
that he verbally and physically abused her after an
arranged marriage in Pakistan.
Ahmed who is a mechanic in Southeast London
forced his wife, to cook, clean and look after his
mother from 5am to midnight every day after the
mother-in-law moved to England in 2012.
She said he also slapped her in the face when she
asked him to consummate their marriage. She
said one time he threw tins of cat food at her head
and another time he covered her face with a
Iram who had a master's degree in Islamic Studies,
was not permitted to leave the house alone and took
an overdose before eventually calling the
emergency services in 2014, the court heard.
Ahmed was found guilty of holding a person in
domestic servitude, Judge Christopher Hehir told
him: "She was bullied and controlled by you, given
little money and expected to cook, clean and look
after your family as if she was a skivvy.
"She described your behaviour as physical and
mental torture and in my judgement, she was right."
He was sentecnced to 2 years in jail.
Ahmed became the first in England to be convicted
of keeping his wife "in domestic servitude".
The couple are now divorced.

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