Friday, April 8, 2016

Fuel Scarcity : Accept Responsibility, Stop Blaming Others, Rep Obasa tells Buhari

obasaThe lawmaker representing Ojo Federal
Constituency in the House of Representatives,
Hon. Tajudeen Obasa has urged President
Muhammadu Buhari to accept responsibility and
find a solution to the hardship being witnessed by
Nigerians due to the lingering fuel scarcity.
Obasa, who is a member of the Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP) advised the president and
his close associates to stop trading blames about
the myriads of problems facing the country.
In a statement released by his media aide, Mr
Opeyemi Ahmed, the lawmaker cheered him to
constitute a competent team by appointing
individuals that are capable to the task irrespective
of their creed,calling or political affiliations.
The Statement reads"Across the globe, leaders of
nations are elected to proffer solutions to
problems, to govern isn't an easy task. Great
leaders don't criticize their predecessors, they call
for patience and understanding to salvage the
"The task of transforming the nooks and crannies
of 774 Local Governments won't be achieved by
press releases of "Jonathan this Jonathan that", it
can only be achieved with concrete plans that will
meet reality"
"A government elected for four years by
15millions Nigerians can't blame an individual for
the duration, rather than trade blames
,committees should be set up to assess the
progress made by the previous administrations in
order to build a better nation"
" Governance is beyond propaganda, good policies
tackle corruption, to fight corruption shouldn't be
the singular goal of a government. There are many
sectors of the economy that needs the attention of
the number one citizen, corruption can only be
fought collectively with all hands on deck not on
the pages of newspapers to score cheap political points'


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