Wednesday, April 6, 2016

AY Comedian advises people to stop hating success

AY Comedian took to his IG page to advise people
who hate on successful people. Read:
Why is that some people around you just think
you don't deserve most of the things that God
has blessed you with?
Why do they always look at things at the
surface level? How come its always so easy for
them to say you are not worthy of your fame,
your popularity, your friends, your career, and
other good things of life? Why can't they just
pay attention to the hardwork you had put in
behind the scenes — your sacrifices, your
worries, your fears and the pains you’d gone
When are they going to stop seeing life as
some kind of unnecessary competition?
When and how would haters deal with their
feelings of inadequacy and inferiority?


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