Wednesday, April 27, 2016

150 females raped, 31 babies abandoned in Lagos

Rape1No fewer than 150 females were raped, while
31 babies were abandoned on the streets of
Lagos in the last one year.
The Commissioner for Youth and Social
Development, Mrs. Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf, said
this at a press briefing in Ikeja on Tuesday.

Akinbile-Yussuf explained that 150 reported
cases of sexual and physical abuse were officially
recorded, while five pregnant schoolchildren
were assisted to access adequate ante-natal and
delivery services and were also integrated back
into school.

“Also, a total of 57,350 schoolchildren
benefitted from individual and group
counselling sessions to curb truancy,
gangsterism and other social vices. About 150
reported cases of sexual abuse and physical
abuse were treated. Five pregnant
schoolchildren were assisted to access adequate
antenatal and delivery services. They were also
integrated back into school,” she added.

The commissioner further stated that 85
suspected rapists and paedophiles had been
taken to court while the cases were still

She said 31 babies, comprising 19 females and
12 males, abandoned by their parents, were
rescued in the last one year on the streets of

“The Child Protection Unit is responsible for the
rescue and referral of all abandoned babies and
children in the state to orphanages and homes.
It also carries out child audit on the registered
orphanages to decongest the homes and
discourage institutionalisation. A total of 31
babies —19 females and 12 males — were
rescued during the period under review,” she

She explained that 74 babies were released for
adoption, while 81 adoptions were legalised
through the family courts.
Akinbile-Yussuf said the government took 1,340
beggars, the destitute and the mentally-
challenged off the streets of Lagos.

“A total of 590 rehabilitees were released and
re-united with their relations for re-integration.

“The state government provides medical and
vocational facilities to help in turning the lives
of beggars around. About 147 rehabilitees are
currently undergoing vocational training at the
Lagos State Rehabilitation and Training Centre,
Majidun,” she said.

The commissioner added that the state handled
634 juvenile cases in the last one year, out of
which 26 juveniles were repatriated to their
countries after due consultation with their

In the same vein, the Commissioner for Women
Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Mrs. Lola
Akande, said the ministry in the last one year
treated about 589 cases ranging from sexual
abuse, physical abuse and child labour cases.
She said the ministry also received 382 cases of
domestic violence out of which 234 were
successfully treated, which among others
include physical and emotional pains, harm,
injury, humiliation and degradation, permanent
and partial disability, separation, divorce and
needless loss of lives.

Akande asked members of the society to come
up with useful information on sexual violence
against women and men, as well as other social
vices including any suspected illegal baby

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