Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Shocking moment Teacher gets naked and tries to rape a student in broad day light (photos)

kolo1Shocking photos have emerged showing a high
school teacher in Guangxi province of Central China
trying to rape a female student, and not just
privately as most rapists do, but in broad daylight.
According to People's Daily Online, the horrifying
incident happened on the 28th of March at Taiping
High School, Lingshan County. Other teachers that
were around the scene rushed to the teacher while
he was forcing himself on the girl and rescued the
girl from his clutcheskolo2The Publicity Department of Lingshan County
released a statement yesterday confirming the
incident, and said the girl involved didn't receive any
According to the statement Huo (the teacher) has a
suspected mental illness and works in the
laboratories of the school. He had received
treatment in 2011 for psychotic episodes and
tantrums, however after two years of treatment he
was declared fit to return to work in the school.
The school decided to keep Huo in the laboratory
and didn't allow him to teach classes. For the past
five years he has performed well in his role until the
28th of March when he did this.

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