Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pair - Go to work in comfort; earn money

pairuPair (www.ilovepair.com) is a transportation service
that enables Lagos workers go to and from work in
comfort, by matching them with verified ride-
owners(Cars and Buses) going the same route to
work like themselves daily.
Pair enables Lagos workers go to and from work in
an air-conditioned ride for as low as ₦2500 weekly
or ₦10,000 monthly. While encouraging ride-owners
make money with their rides while driving to work
and back home daily.
Every Pair user is pre-verified(identity and
residential) thereby making Pair a safer option than
Buses and Taxis. All vehicles on Pair also undergo a
mandatory physical check-up before being allowed
to pick passengers on the service.
Pair rides are very comfortable, with no Pair ride
having a manufacturing year of less than Year
2000.On Pair, a Saloon Car can pick a maximum of 3
passengers at a time,while a Pair minivan picks a
maximum 6 passengers per ride. For a Bus it’s a
maximum of 10 passengers.
Pair rides are so comfortable, you can even get
office work done while commuting to work.For
nursing mothers, Pair is the service for you.
Pair is relatively cheap for the quality it offers. The
price of a Pair ride when broken down,equals the
same amount of money you spend going to work in a
public Bus weekly or monthly.
Pair is 100% cashless,no need to argue over change.
Payments are made to Pair via subscription,and Pair
pays the driver at the end of the week.
What are you still waiting for?
Log unto www.ilovepair.com to signup as a Passenger
or driver.
Newly registered passengers,are entitled to 2 days
free trial of the service.

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