Sunday, March 27, 2016

CBN illegal recruitment : A letter to President Buhari by Dayo William

Dear President,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

whose resurrection we are celebrating today,

some 2000 years after.

I chose this occasion to pen you this short epistle

because of its symbolic significance to my faith

and those who share the same faith with me.

Throughout his earthly ministry, Christ was

significantly pro-poor. He was for the less-

privileged. Perhaps if Christ was for the rich

alone, we might have not been talking about him

today. So so possible.

Now to the meat of my short epistle. Considering

the recklessness of the governments before you

and their anti-masses proclivity, Nigerians

elected you to come and restore sanity to the

system and help move the nation forward.

As an individual, my position has always been

that governments should exist principally to

protect the poor and the weak. The strong will

always find their way because of their

endowments be they artificial or natural.

Against the background of the above, sir, I call on

you once again to order the CBN Governor to

cancel the illegal recruitment. It cannot stand. It

must not stand. You must protect the poor

against the affluent.

Sir,if per chance you allow allow it to stand, it can

only be inferred that the change we toiled for

day and night is to protect some certain interests

because of their proximity to the corridors of

power which it has pleased the Almighty to place

in your hand to wield at this material time.

If peradventure the illegal recruitment stands, it

can only mean that you no longer like the

commoners whose sons and daughters worked

assiduously for your historic election against all

odds and establishment forces as at then.

May I also say that it is unlikely that those sons

and daughters of the privileged few who got

recruited into the CBN via the back door did a

quarter of what the sons and daughters of those

unprivileged parents did to see that you were

elected as our President. They stood by you

through thick and thin.

It’s even possible they were in Miami, Paris, the

Bahamas, and other choice places when we

braced the odds to effect change in government

by electing you.

Sir, more importantly, the Federal Character

Commission has said that it’s unaware of any

waiver granted to the CBN to conduct the illegal

recruitment. That’s enough evidence for you to

cancel the recruitment. What more do we need?

Sir, your nickname before the election was

Maigaskiya, which means someone who stands

for the truth and nothing but the truth(na ji

Hausa kadan kada). I don’t think the appellation

has changed now. You only have to prove it once

more like you dissociated yourself from the

fraud called #istandwithbuhari# two days ago.

My dear President, I will not rest this advocacy

until you listen to the voices of the ordinary

masses who got you elected to promote equity,

fairness, justice and equality in all ramifications

of our national life.

They have asked me to tell you to do just one

thing: cancel the recruitment and throw it open

for the sake of transparency and accountability.

Let the sons and daughters of the commoners

compete equitably with the sons and daughters

of the affluent and powerful. Whoever gets the

job among the contending lot, so be it.

Let me quote a portion of my holy book:

righteousness exalts a nation but sin brings upon

it reproach. There is nothing righteous in the

recruitment before God and most men for the

poor were screwed out.

Sir, do you want our country to be exalted even

as you continue driving the change you promised

us? Then, it’s time to do the needful: cancel the

recruitment. It’s illegal. It’s unjust. It’s inhuman.

It’s anti-poor.


Your obedient servant,

Dayo Williams, son of a retired teacher and a

very petty trader.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Amen.

Dayo Williams is a writer and a public policy analyst.

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