Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Buhari yet to sign 2016 Budget as Senate reportedly fails to send details of the Budget to him

buhaxSeven days after the Senate passed the 2016 budget,
President Buhari is yet to sign it into law as the
senate has reportedly failed to send details of the
budget to the presidency.
According to Premium Times, the National Assembly
members sent only the highlights of the budget to
the presidency and kept the details in their custody.
The presidency had last week said Buhari will only
sign the budget into law if he has scrutinized every
detail in the budget.
The source added that President Buhari was anxious
to give assent to the budget but that he was
concerned that signing the budget without details
may give approval to an un-implementable spending
“The president has not been able to sign the Bill into
law because he does not know what is contained in
the details and what adjustments the National
Assembly made to the proposal sent to them last
December,” the source said.
The source added that the delay in transmitting the
details could mean that the National Assembly
either did not complete work on the budget, or were
“playing politics” with the passage of the document.
The total of the 2016 budget is put at N6.07 trillion.

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