Friday, March 8, 2019

Smart360Media Exclusive Interview With Busari Fatimah Mojirade, Face of Beauty and Diva

SMART360MEDIA: Can I meet you?

MOJIRADE: I'm Busari Fatimah Mojirade by name, the Face of Beauty and Diva.

I graduated from University Polytechnique Internationale Du Benin, Republic of Benin, where I  studied Economics. when I was in school, have always wanted to be a model because I do think I have the stature and all to get it done.

SMART360MEDIA: For how long have you been into modeling?

MOJIRADE: 3 years now, but it online modelling.

SMART360MEDIA: So tell me what are your challenges regards winning the face of Beauty and Diva?

MOJIRADE: It's a long story though.

SMART360MEDIA: Can you share?

MOJIRADE: I registered for one modeling raint  model face and we paid for registration fee, the voting was both on IG and Facebook. We were like 20 and I was part of top 3 on Facebook, on getting to Instagram I was part of the winner until I was disqualified, due to there complain they said my likes are too much on Instagram and those that are liking it dey don't have much followers on Instagram.

So I decided to stop this modeling of a thing because I see most of it to be a scam. Until I meet Sharon the CEO of Beauty and Diva, ❤ she's really a wonderful person a rare gem and I saw her post about Beauty and Diva. I ask her about the processing and she give me guidelines and I started working on it. Until when I was announced as the winner I was the happiest person on Earth that day but if not because of them I won't be able to talk to you today. Big thanks to them from supporting me.

SMART360MEDIA: So far now, been the Face of Beauty and Diva, what have been your greatest joy?


SMART360MEDIA: How? Tell me more?

MOJIRADE: Have never attended something like that before and me hearing about 360 ANKARA FASHION EXHIBITION AND BEAUTY CONTEST and I will be part of it really gives me more joy,  happiness and it my greatest joy ever.

SMART360MEDIA: Blessed, been the face of Beauty and Diva, which project are you embarking on?

MOJIRADE: I want get in touch with aspiring models and see ways i can make their dreams a reality too.

SMART360MEDIA: Good, what is going to be your advice to upcoming models like you?

MOJIRADE: They should never relent and  keep there dreams alive and work continuously towards achieving it.

SMART360MEDIA: Thanks for Sharing with us, God bless.

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