Friday, November 16, 2018


#kingofboys by @kemiadetiba
1. Directing: This is the best directing I have ever seen of a Nollywood movie after ‘Aye Kooto’ that was directed by @Adebayotijani.

2. Editing: The editing is mind blowing, especially the way you’re telling 2 stories spontaneously, and the prelude before the title of the movie pop up.

3. Cinematography: Now, this movie has the best cinematography in the history of Nollywood. You deserve an award for this. The camera movement during the robbery around the house made me remember my video game #Hitman. Smiles.....

4. SFX makeup: You deserve a hug for this. The makeup of @AdesuaEtomi real mother on her sick bed and that of the dead body in the coffin is commendable.

5. Casting: The child and the lady that acted @Solashobowale earlier age doesn’t correlate at all because of the skin colour. Though I noticed that you tried to cover up the flop in the beginning when a lady gossip about her that she bleached, but I’m of the opinion that if the casting is right you wouldn't need that excuse.

6. Audio: Too many voiceovers.

7. Directing: You missed the opportunity to educate Nigerians and change the narrative in the Nollywood that when there is an accident, the victim is meant to be rushed to the hospital and not left on the spot when @AdesuaEtomi was shot.

8. Costume: Your governor looked like a village chief. The neck beads was not necessary and his cloth was not neatly pressed.

9. Story: I give you 10/10. Just in case of continuity(part 2), I will like to see revenge, assassination and preferably nemesis (not Karma). Play on the emotions of Nigerians, Mrs Salami deserves to die and Mr Gobir should probably be celebrated for his role in all of it.

10. I rate this movie 7.5/10.
Gbenga Adene™

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