Sunday, November 18, 2018

Five (5) Ways To Enjoy OCFH as First timer in Ondo City

By Kola Onifoto

I attended the first edition of OCFH and I am attending the next edition. So I can give you a firsthand glimpse of what to expect on that day.
No, I'll just tell you how best to prepare in order to enjoy the program.

1. PLANNING -Plan to come with someone. Have someone you look forward to meeting at the event. It may be an old friend or a virtual crush. In fact, you might come together with that person. The event is an experience. If you  don't make it memorable, na you jonze.

Okay the event will start around 3, Forget what the organisers say.
Ondo people like anything with semblance of Owambe. They will troop in behind schedule in order to drag to dusk. Interestingly,  that's when the real jollification begins. So if you want to enjoy OCFH and Ondo , arrange to sleep over. Either book a hotel, have a friend or something. If you're a lady,  you might get lucky. The organisers might provide a suite for people won't don't mind to stay put overnight with others. If you're a guy, a discounted hotel is your best bet.

The event is free but you'd see so much to desire if you don't come along with some money to spare that you will blame your village people.
You might get hungry and they won't serve jollof, it is not on the item list. But ofada rice stand is always at the venue sha. And what will you be doing when the artistes and comedians are performing. Just laughing? Well good for you but laughing over a bottle is better.

 Wherever it is you're coming from,  if it is not Ondo,  then the Asun can never be like Ondo. Ondo people invented Asun. You need to taste it. Asun is to Ondo what Kilishi is to Lokoja or Abuja.

 Don't come with the mindset of mingling with just your friends. You might be surprised that the lady you were paired with in a game is your potential next girlfriend. I swear! And the guy you shook at the entrance might be your future business partner. Go with the mindset of increasing your contact and network.

Okay, bonus. Duna the mobile masseur is coming. You can book a session..!!!


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