Friday, January 5, 2018

‘Wicked Satan called Buhari’ sent his people to kill Benue indigenes – Asari Dokubo [VIDEO]

A former Niger Delta militant leader, Ahaji Asari Dokubo, has alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari sent his Fulani brothers to kill natives of Benue State.

He said it was shameful for people of the state to keep crying without rising up against the marauding herdsmen unleashing terror on their land.

In a video shared on his Facebook page, Dokubo alleged that Benue leaders were behind the ongoing pogrom in the land.

He said, “When evil reigns, there is darkness everywhere. People are sad. But when we bring evil upon ourselves who are we to be blamed.

Benue has been known from the time of Tarka, the Middle Belt Congress.

But they people can be easily deceived that was why the Gemade, Akume, out of their greed manipulated and brought this Hitler called Buhari upon us.

Benue, this is not the time to cry. Tivs, Idoma, Igede, this is not the time to cry.
This is the time to stand up as men we are. Whenever they come, you stop their jihad from entering their land.

Where is that power today? Whenever their cattle enter your land you eat them, that is what you called it Munchi.

You are crying like a baby. Shame on you! If Tiv women are strong, rise up.

This is like the story of Solomon we read in the Bible when he died and his son Rehoboam rose and deiced to publish the people.

They betrayed you and rigged you votes. Where is that evil called Suswam that chastised you with scorpions and serpents?

The wicked Satan called Buhari sent his people to maul Benue indigenes and you are their crying.

You cannot continue like, you are giving their people too much chances. Shame on you!”

Watch full video below.

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