Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ex-chairman NBA, Marc Enamhe tasks Buhari on Corruption fight, unemployment

  A former Chairman of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Barrister Marc Enamhe has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to make corruption fight and employment top in his agenda for 2018.

He said that corruption fight should be fought frontally.

Barrister Enamhe, who spoke to DAILY POST, lamented the effects of corruption in Nigeria.

“Nigerians voted him to come and fight corruption; in fact it was one of the reasons he was voted, to take on corruption, corruption in employment, corruption in offices, etc.

“People accepted that he has the courage to fight corruption and that was why he was voted and that his predecessor lacked the courage to fight corruption frontally.
“If he does not fight corruption, then he would have failed. If he does, the country will move forward.”

Speaking further, he called on the President to embark on massive employment of teeming youths.

“It should be total, get unemployment lists of Nigerians graduates, interview them for employment, everybody should be employed,
“Since 1984, there has been no concerted effort to employ people at merit level.

“In Cross River State, everybody working is there because his or her relation is permanent secretary, commissioner, uncle is a Governor etc. Nobody got job on merit. If he does it, he will take away so much anxiety from family, take away corruption.”

On poor road network, he said, “Road rehabilitation should be total, so that one can travel from one point to another, someone can stay in Akamkpa and come to work in Calabar instead of paying N200, 000 or more in one bed room flat, you can leave in Odukpani and work in Calabar when there is good road.”

The legal luminary however, scored President Buahri 50% for 2017.

“For 2017, I give him pass mark, however, the problems were too enormous, the economy is picking up, agriculture is now mainstay, food prices have come down because everybody have gone back to the farm. I will give him a pass mark, may be 50%, there is so much for him to do”, he said.

Source: Daily Post

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