Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dr. Olawoye Felix Paid a Futarian School Fees, Under Nigeria Youth For Good Governance

Nigerian Youth for Good Governance  is a platform dedicated to transforming the lives of the Nigerian populace by ensuring Nigerians having the ability to determine workable governance that will improve the lives of  Nigerians.

Nigerian youth for Good Governance Ondo State chapter Recieve a call from the National General Secretary of Akure Students (National body) concerning a student of Federal University Of Technology Akure whose name is Olagoke Mariam that was not able to pay her school fees due to the economy situation.

The Coordinator of Ondo State Youth for Good Governance Comrade Atolusi Damilola put a Call across to confirm the student admission which was later verified, with the help of intellectuals and capable personality in our midst the ever progressive and working provost of school of health technology Akure Dr Olawoye affirm that from his own little capacity he will support the student with a token of #30,000 so as to pay her school fees and resume properly for her academics activities.

We also encourage all well meaning Nigerians to learn from the heart of generosity of Dr Olawoye for it will improve the overall betterment of our society at large.

On behalf of Ondo State youth for good Governance we appreciate Dr Olawoye for his tremendous support towards achieving a common goals for the less privileged.

Atolusi Damilola
Coordinator Ondo State Youth for Good Governance

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