Sunday, January 14, 2018

2019: Buhari’s govt an all round failure, anyone can defeat him – Rep Edionwele

A member of the House of Representatives, Hon Joseph Edionwele has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration as a failure and noniredeemable.

Speaking on the Peoples Democratic Party taking power from the All Progressive Congress in 2019, Edionwele, who represents Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal constituency of Edo State said anybody can match Buhari and win because Nigerians were tired of his failed promises.

The lawmaker further noted that it was too late for Buhari to dissolve or reshuffle cabinet in 2018 as he was bound to run into problems.

He told Sun “The truth of the matter is that, everybody is tired of Buhari and APC. Everybody is going to fight and ensure that power is rescued from the grips of APC. The suffering in the land is beyond party matter.

“Anybody will be able to wrest power from this government in 2019 that has not fulfilled one promise. Even promises made have been denied. It is not about the PDP; it is about the people.

“You cannot even compare this government to the previous one. We generate more money now. For the first time, Customs is hitting N1 trillion. We are not talking about taxes and oil. We are not talking of recovered loot. What has happened to these monies?

“To the ordinary man, there is no impact. That is why every Nigerian must join hands to save this country. Like I said, anybody for now can match President Buhari. His performance is close to nothing.

“It is because of the non performance of our leaders that people are asking if leaders are from the South or North. The reason why people also say that is because of the way we site projects.

People believe that you only get something when your person is there. But it should not be so. As a leader, you must take the country as your own. If that is what the South will sacrifice to ensure that everybody is carried along, we will sacrifice it.

“To me, its too late for Buhari to dissolve cabinet this year, 2018 will be a political year. If Buhari brings in technocrats, he will run into problems. The people they are asking him to remove are politicians. I just think that Buhari is too late to do anything right now. Its an election year in a way.

When will Buhari do anything?

“He had all the time to do something. He did not do anything. Its too late for them. To me, there is little or nothing they can do. We just hope that the budget will be fully implemented in 2018.”

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