Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Woman pregnant with twins six weeks after giving birth, shares experience

An Australian mother has opened up about the moment she discovered she was pregnant — just six weeks after giving birth to her first daughter.

Twenty- seven - year - old Eliza Curby , from Sydney’ s northern beaches , went from being a mum of none to a mother of three in 12 months.
“For several weeks, I had felt seriously, seriously exhausted, which I put down to sleep deprivation ,” Eliza narrates .

“However, when it continued, I noticed that it was coupled with a familiar feeling… a very familiar feeling . It was the feeling I had when I was pregnant with Charlie. ”

Eliza and her partner , Ben, welcomed their daughter 18 months ago, and the new mum said the weeks following her birth were a ‘whirlwind ’.

“My life was purely made up of feed , burp, sleep repeat . It really took six weeks to come up for air and get my head around my new role !
“And just as this happened, I of course , fell pregnant again. ”

Eliza told Daily Mail that she was breastfeeding at the time and having discovered that hormone- altering forms of contraception didn ’t suit her , had decided to ‘work around the old wives’ tale that breastfeeding acted as a natural contraceptive . ’
“However, I ’ll admit that I was aware that nothing is foolproof . And on this occasion , it wasn ’t. ”

After suffering from a dull headache every morning and a general ‘lack of bounce ,’ Eliza started to wonder if she might be pregnant.

“I laughed with Ben about the prospect that perhaps I was pregnant again — and that what it remained for some time — a big joke, ” Eliza said.

“So I took a pregnancy test just to be sure — and it came back negative . ” She took another test a week later and the result came back the same — negative .

“And so , over the course of about four weeks, I continued to take them — I was unconvinced — and then boom , ‘ positive’, ” Eliza said.

“I was shocked but at the same time kind of excited to say to Ben ‘ I was right !”

The new mother said the news also made her apprehensive about how things would work out logistically , but she was happy because she had always wanted ‘lots of kids’.

Soon after , Eliza went to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy and was sent for an ultrasound , where there was another surprise to come
“He turned to us and said, ‘ Look, it’s too early to say , but I think it’ s twins . ”

I was shocked . I couldn ’t help but start laughing. That nervous ‘what happens now ’ kind of awkward laugh. I really did think it was hilarious . ”

After it was confirmed she was expecting twins , Eliza said she went into full on ‘prep mode’ — immersing herself in the online world of mummy blogs and taking tips from the Australian Multiple Birth Association .

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