Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Although, I'm not a NANS comrade, but I'm an onlooker with keen interest when it comes Student's movement, not only in Nigeria, but also across the world.

Maybe because I'm younger, I don't know much about NANS history, but I still understand that from 2000 till 2016, Philip Shuaibu handed over to Segun Olaleye.

Daniel Onjeh received it and handed over to Tony Nwoye and he was succeeded by Kenneth Orkuma Hembe.

Yinka Sadam Dada succeeded him and handed over to Bashir Babale before Ini Ememabong/Jude Imagwe factionalized the organization.

Later on, Mohammed Dauda took the power and handed over to Yinka Gbadebo, he also was succeeded by High Chief Tijani Usman.

The question now is that, who succeeded Tijani Usman?

I don't want to dabble into the escapade of how conventions and counter conventions were held, but going with the declaration of Tijani Usman himself, he was succeeded by Chinonso Obasi.

Well, to some people, Aruna Kadiri was the NANS President. In fact, APC government preferred Kadiri has the president, and before now, he enjoyed some immunities from the government and security apparatus.

Chinonso Obasi on the other hand was seen in some quarters as the NANS President, his actions and activities have made him to be positively famous than his counterpart.

But of recent, not known to the public, something amazing happened, what is that? Aruna Kadiri petitioned IBB as an impersonator that should be apprehended by Security.

The Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) invited Comrade IBB based on this petition. Aruna was also invited so that eyes would meet with eyes.

Guess what happened? Chinonso Obasi came there with the immediate past President, Tijani Usman and some other genuine students leaders across the country.

The student's leaders that came with IBB presented their valid school I. D card, Chinonso Obasi also presented his Admission letter and school I. D card.

It was now the turn of Aruna Kadiri to do likewise, that was when it became known that Aruna does not have any valid school I. D card, In fact, it was confirmed that Aruna just claimed Uniben even when he is not a registered student in the University.

Among the entourages that followed Aruna, people like Akosh, Igwe Ude and others, none of them have any evidence as a students. They were either rusticated Students or graduates.

It was at that moment that it became known to the government and Security that Aruna is not even a student. The accuser now became an accused.

The fate was sealed, and the question of who is NANS President got answered, it is only a student that can be President to other students.

Aruna Kadiri has gone to everywhere as a fraud claiming to be student. The fate that awaits him might be worst than that of Hemer Hambe.

Well, at this juncture, I totally agreed with Chinonso Obasi when he called himself IBB (Intelligent, Bold and Balance). Student unionism has gotten a new face since he emerged.

Only those that stand on the side of truth will last till the end.

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