Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"Education, Corruption, which of this two should be tackle first?" My Opinion- Tugbiyele Folajomi Alex Fijay

In my opinion is  corruption

In the education sector there is corruption!

Researchh shows that students who cheat at school are more likely to be dishonest in their career.

Initiatives to curb cheating, like anti-plagiarism systems and exam proctoring, and activities to punish violations will likely create fears and make them face their education.

Firstly what is corruption: this is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct. People entrusted with a position of authority, not only people in the political line are corrupt, in the business sectors there is corruption even in the education sectors

Corruption need to be attacked before we can have a reasonable education section in Nigeria

How can we attacked corruption:

1. Corruption is only about bribes: people especially the poor ones get hurt when resources re wasted. That is why it is more important to understand the different kind of corruption to develop smart response.

2. Internal audits : the government should employ internal auditors in all government institutions who re promoted based one successful whistle blowing of fraud and fraud cases, Government should kept them on reasonable contracts instead of permanent employment so that if they refuse to perform Government can terminate there appointment.

3. Technology: In the modern age you can not fight corruption without technology. Government should ensure that all their project and activities re not longer on paper based. It should b on databases

4. Reforming the judiciary the judiciary arm need to b reform like seriously. First of all we need to fish out qualified people with exceptional record to lead the reform. You will understand my point this is a topic on his own. But the experts can do justices to it

I believe if corruption is eradicated totally  in Nigeria our education sector will be among the best in the world because we have the resources but due to corruption we re lacking behind! Tugbiyele Folajomi

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