Sunday, August 6, 2017

Nigeria, a parable of old Jerusalem

Two thousand years ago , there was a great nation located on the hill of Judaean . It was vast and enormous, economically flourishing and divinely endowed with social amenities and natural resources which made lives of its inhabitants worthwhile . Because she was richly blessed by God with good things ; she equally gained the attention of other countries both near and far . Jerusalem was a strong tower, a refuge in time of war, world ’ s best economy market and home for many nationalities and faiths .

In addition to being Israel’ s political and administrative capital , Jerusalem was also a leader in education , health care , and its religious, historical and cultural attraction made her the premier tourist destination.

From time immemorial, she had been a nation surrounded by great walls of protection, filled with prosperity, vast wealth, peace and tranquility. While in there , be sure to walk along the ancient stone walls , encountering breathtakingly beautiful and historically rich views of the surrounding site, local attraction and enthralling everyday occurrence. But there came a season when injustice and unrighteousness were practised therein, and there was no law giver . Enemies stood round her about , destroyed her glory and she was subjected to ridicule and public disgrace . Everything that singled her out as the best among other nations disappeared.

Her honour was mired in a mud of shame and despair . People were taken captive , children became orphans , and women raped because she failed to listen to heavenly whistle and missed her appointed time with the Saviour .

Nigeria today could be likened to the old Jerusalem described by the prophet as a city without walls or banner of protection according to Holy Scriptures . Daily , she suffers all forms of terrible attacks not from enemies within but from , those who claimed to love her . They are wicked people in high places; their wickedness is as destructive as rust , and like a metal mirror that rusts away if unpolished.

Unfortunately, Nigeria number one enemy is her best friend . Constantly, she is being pillaged and left for fate . Now , she is haemorrhaging to the point of death , lying hapless and helpless in pain and agony waiting to breathe her last. She ’s been turned to rubble by some uncouth, crude pugilists and nincompoops whose love for her is laced with farce, fallacy , burlesque and deception . Our own dear Jerusalem is presently lying in ashes, covered with scars that refused to be healed .

We are experiencing retrogressive progressive in all spheres of life , merry- go- rounding in despair , failure , shame and unexplainable suffering. Poverty is heightening, and crime is climbing higher every day . O helpless , hapless and hopeless Nigeria ; how unfortunate you are, lying in the dust with none to raise you up.

Since independence , freedom , peace, prosperity, and happy life in Nigeria have been tucked away . Visible changes are yet to see the daylight because the forces that abort good purpose continue to thrive more . By their greed, aggrandisement , lust for power without purpose, corruption without any sense of correction, the country has run dry shedding tears daily . They are big men , with relatively small mind , occupying big seats in corridors of power and their avarice is legendary.
They build an arsenal of weaponry and erect vast mansions with stolen wealth and fly abroad to hide stolen monies in foreign banks .

It is obvious that Nigeria remains a helpless orphan with no one to salvage her from the jaws of killer whales called politicians. In spite of astonishing salaries and emoluments, they still pad and divert budgetary allocations.

Nigeria is a lawless nation with law - breakers and money makers as lawmakers; enjoying immunity that promotes impunity , proposing amnesty for the looters. If you are a looter, you are now free to loot as long as you agree to pay the tithe of your loot back into the federation account . Sanity and sanctity have disappeared from our country. A nation that continues to encourage mediocrity and promote corruption will ever be mired in under - development . Whoever wants to keep the law must learn what the law means . Unfortunately, many laws in Nigeria are now observed in breach than in compliance . The law is strong to hold the weak but weak to hold the strong.

Whether we restructure, re- strategise or redirect the country , we can’ t look away from the fact that Nigeria today is suffering from the symptoms of misrule of bad breeds deficient in moral and good characters .

Righteousness upholds a nation says the Holy Bible. It is high time we broke the silence .
We don ’t expect any leader to turn water to wine or do the impossible . God has not created us to solve all humanity problems , but to do our best and play our part in nation building. We can’ t fold our arms and expect better Nigeria from non - performers.

As citizens , we should also change our ways and love the country we claim as ours. We should stop being accomplices to corrupt leaders and show them that we can ’t be bought over with contracts and money . Many have been distracted by religious and tribal issues . Corrupt leaders are sowing seeds of discord among us every day , shifting our attention away from questioning their questionable integrity . It is my hope that soon we will remember that we are all Nigerians and focus on the things affecting our nation not our tribes , religions or regions .

We should all rise up to our responsibilities. The past will not change the future , the present will, and the strength of many is more than that of a few. Let’ s forget amalgamation , let ’s forget Lord Lugard shambolic arrangement and coalition of strange bedfellows . Let ’s put aside tribalism , nepotism, religious sentiments and ethnic rivalry . Nigeria is presently lying on a stretcher, groaning in pain and may soon breathe her last breath if not given adequate attention . Are we waiting to bury her ? Are we going to allow her end in the grave yard unfulfilled? Let ’s keep Nigeria ’s name alive. Nigeria can and still has the possibility of rising up if we put our hands to work and our hearts together . Nigeria can rise again.

Akinbule, an animal scientist, sent this piece from Ogun State.

Source: The punch

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