Saturday, August 5, 2017

Man lures donkey with carrots to have sex with it

A middle- aged man was caught sneaking into a farmer’ s yard to have sex with his donkey .

Everett Lee Compton, 49 , allegedly brought carrots with him to try and get close to the animal. But he was arrested after the land owner set up CCTV after he became worried about his donkeys.

The owner of the animal allegedly saw him on the camera at around 1 : 30 am and called police , according to Daily Mail UK .

At first , Compton claimed he had only gone there to feed the donkey but later admitted ‘sexual contact’ according to a police report.

When told there was CCTV , he told officers that smoking weed made him do ‘sick things’ .

“It just made me sick to my stomach, ” the animal’ s owner said. “To know that she couldn’t tell anybody what she was going through is really sad.
“We knew he was there so we could call police to come and check things out . ”

Following the incident , which took place in Arkansas, United States, the culprit had been charged with trespassing , bestiality and cruelty to animals .

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