Saturday, August 5, 2017

I slaughtered mum with knife used to harvest potatoes –18-year-old murder suspect

An 18 - year - old man , Agugu Adau , has allegedly killed his mother for refusing to give him a charm that would have aided him to appear and disappear at will.

He confessed to slaughtering his mother with a knife he was using to harvest potatoes at the time of the incident .

The charm, it was claimed, was his inheritance from his late herbalist father.
A family source told the News Agency of Nigeria that Agugu committed the crime at his Kisaghyip village farm in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau .

The source said that Agugu, after killing his mother, removed N 20 ,000 from her and used it to buy a mobile phone, a shirt and a pair of slippers.

Spokesman of the Plateau Police Command , Mr . Tyopev Terna , confirmed that the suspect was being held , but declined further comments .
“Investigation is ongoing . The details are not ready. Please understand with us and be patient, ” he told NAN on phone.

But Agugu , who spoke with our correspondent , said he killed his mother because she refused to give him a charm that was his inheritance from his late father.

“When I was 14 years old , my late father, who was a native doctor , showed me a charm that enabled him to disappear and reappear at will . He promised to hand over the charm to me when I turn 18 .

“On his dying bed four years ago, he gave my mother the charm and asked her to give me when I turn 18 . But I am now 18 and she has refused to give it to me .

“On this fateful day at the farm, I asked her about it, but she threatened to throw the charm into the river if I disturbed her too much.

“Her response infuriated me and I suddenly felt that she was of no value as a mother . I immediately slaughtered her with the knife I was using to harvest potatoes.

“After slaughtering her , I dumped her body in the bush,” he said.

Senior brother to the suspect , Mr . David Adau , has, however , dismissed the suspect ’s claim that he killed their mother because of a charm.
David narrated , “ Prior to the incident, the family had faced several problems with Agugu . He was fond of stealing and causing trouble.

“I believe he killed our mother because of the N 20 ,000 I gave her a day before the incident. I work at the mines in Barkin- Ladi , and I usually give my earnings to our mother to keep for me .

“I handed over the money to my mother in his presence . In fact, when I gave her the money , she expressed fear that Agugu could attack her to get the money . He has proved her right . ”

David said that on his return from work a day after the incident , he asked after their mother , but Agugu said he did not know her whereabouts.

“He said he did not know where my mother was. Later in the day, I saw him with a new mobile phone, a new shirt and (a pair of ) slippers, and I became curious .

“I asked him where he got them from, but he could not give me satisfactory answers.
“Other family members joined me and we kept pestering him over our mother , but he insisted he knew nothing.

“Three days later , I invited the police to question my brother . That worked immediately , as he confessed to killing her , ” he said.

David said the suspect later led family members and the police to the farm where they saw the already decomposing body of the woman . (NAN )

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