Sunday, August 13, 2017


The fold of the progressives in Ekiti State got another boost as Ekiti Rescue Team, a group of technocrats, artisans, academicians, youth with others from different classes, declares its support for All Progressives Congress in Ado Ekiti, the State capital. The event which was to mark International Youth Day of Saturday 12 August, 2017, with the Youth, was doubled to pay a courtesy visit to the party.

The group assessed the tyrannical government that has made the State a subject of ridicule since the fountain of knowledge has made a liar, comedian and noisemaker its leader. It lamented the economic hardship the residents of the State is facing as a result of the exorbitant tax, unpaid salaries, diversion of bailout fund, none employment etc. they are subjected to by the present cruel government.

According to the convener, Amb. Ilesanmi Ademola, "APC is the only party that can rescue Ekiti people from the muss. So, we need to put in our effort, resources and time to ensure success for our great party."

In its move for the success of the APC in the 2018  election in Ekiti State, the group  has partnered with FOLLOWERSHIP SERIES NIGERIA, NIGERIA  GRASSROOTERS NETWORK and many others. To start business as expected, ERT paid a sum of #50,000 to Followership Series Nigeria (according to MoU signed) to kick start the campaign and supported the office of APC State Youth Leader with a cell phone and a SIM card for unobstructed link to the Youth liaison office while Grassrooters is expected to start its project in two days time.

In his reaction, the coordinator of Ekiti Parapo Youth Empowerment Scheme, Kayode David implored the party to present the best candidate from a free and fair primaries and never give chance to any form of imposition.

Among the people who graced the event is the former Chairman, NANS JCC, Ekiti State, Sina Awopeju who pointed to the polarisation of the Students' Union that has characterised the state in the recent. More so, the party should not underestimate the students loyal to the party.

The party's representative at the event, Sir Femi Oludare, APC Youth Leader (Ekiti State)

"the Theme of the 2017 IYD is Youth Building Peace. As Nigerian youth join the rest of the world in celebrating this day, I want to use this opportunity to reiterate that Peace cannot be achieved without engaging young people meaningfully. In lieu of this, I implore our leaders (especially political) to give attention to issues that affect young people. Issues like Unemployment, Education (where it is inadequate and inaccessible), poverty and Inequality.

When these issues are not addressed, it breeds youth restiveness which makes young people vulnerable to violence and external influence. Though this present government is working to make our lives better but they need to do more because the damage over the years is enormous.

In conclusion, to my fellow young Nigerians, You alone have the power to decide how your future will look like, You alone can decide what you want from your future, leaders and country. No sitting and complaining, be the leader that you want to be. Take control of yourself and your future. The future"

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed by the partners of Ekiti Rescue Team. They include:
1)Femi Ayejusunl--- Nigeria Grassrooters Network
2) Tosin A Akinbuluma-----Followership series Ng.

In conclusion, the convener assures the party the
support of ERT all through the election.

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