Sunday, August 20, 2017

Displacing the Gerontocrats - By Olalekan Fasoranti

Who to choose… Who to follow… Who to promote…
A cognitive look into social media trends, you will admit the inferences below…

I have seen a lot of young, brilliant minds who possess qualities to turn things around for a better Nigeria.

I have seen people who have what it takes to correct difficult situations.

The problem is they are not and may not be heard because they are not Femi Fani-Kayode, Ayo Fayose, or other opportunist, the erstwhile birth of FOCA Opinions. FOCA Opinions is an online platform that allows all – the rich and poor, opportuned and unopportuned, influential and uninfluential but brilliant, intellectually rich and well-meaning to share ideas in driving the ship of the Nigeria state towards an exhilarating shore.

It is imperative at this stage that the masses detest dissension, but embrace every worthy means to have their voices heard and interest protected.

If I may ask you, who will you support in the forthcoming election?

On what grounds did you make such decision?

Can the ordinary Nigerian be motivated towards your course?

What I propose for 2019 and beyond is - let the interest of the deprived majority (masses) unite towards a common goal, by supporting one of our kind (someone from the masses). That is someone that has not tasted political power, that doesn’t share their (incumbent gerontocrats) ideology but from a different and new political platform. This is because someone that has been wallowing in a lifestyle for around 50 years cannot give me an impression that he is changed or different, - it’s already in the blood.

Hence, a paradigm shift guarantees the liberty to root and uproot at will.

Winning Election as an Ordinary Nigerian.

Elections are not won on social media but they can be decided via social media networking because this is where minds are made and changed.

We cannot overestimate the need for swift action by;

Determine who is capable “If the capable fails to occupy the position of capability, the hope for quality leadership is dashed”.

Capability in this instance involves the intending contestant and non-contesting. Those not interested in contesting should not hesitate to scrutinize personalities contesting. Those interested in contesting and want to share their view/ideology should take advantage of FOCA Opinions. A lot of great and promising young minds have engaged FOCA Opinions in the renewal process by sharing their views and reading about other people’s views. You are qualified to follow suit also.

Join a new and undiluted political movement. While considering this, ensure you find out the ideology of the supposed political movement without prejudice to your viability.

Don’t be conscious of power.

I have met people during my school days who just want to be in power at all cost, even when they are not of choice by the electorates. They, in their inordinate pursue commit in a lot of aberrant misdemeanor. “Public Service is a call to service, therefore allow those you want to serve send you”.

Being in power can be
1.To serve
2.For personal influence
3.For ambition
Which will you prefer? Whatever your choice will be, ensure it predisposes to an abundant Nigeria!

Mr. Olalekan Fasoranti
Graduate Engineer
A Strategic Advisor and
An enthusiast of a sane society

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