Sunday, July 30, 2017

Talent doesn’t guarantee roles in Nollywood— Mary Uranta

Ours was a big family, so I had fun growing up. My dad was a ‘super - dad ;’ and my mum was also an amazing parent . Together , they gave us the best .

Beauty pageants
At the university , I was active and participated in almost all the social activities on campus . I became a campus queen ; Miss U. S . T and first runner- up in the Niger - Delta pageant.

I became interested in acting when I was in secondary school. I was a member of the drama society and acting was something that came naturally to me . I have always wanted to become an actor; it was my childhood ambition. However , my parents wanted me to do something else. As far as they were concerned, any course was okay by them as long as it would get me a white- collar job . Because I knew I couldn’ t study theatre arts , I went for secretarial studies. Afterwards , I became a full- time actress and I now have their support .

The first movie I acted in was Girls Hostel. The movie featured the likes of Olu Jacobs, Ngozi Ezeonu, Uche Jombo and Empress Njamah. The first person that gave me an opportunity in the movie industry is Nobert Ajaegbu . I’ ve lost count of the number of movies that I ’ve acted in . I might also not be in every movie like some of my colleagues but I ’ve done several movies and they are so much that I have lost count.

There is the challenge of getting roles based on your talent and not on the basis of your relationship with the producer . Sometimes, you’d attend auditions , and realise everybody knew you killed the role but that ’ s not a guarantee that you would be chosen to play the role . Meanwhile, there are a thousand other desperate actors willing to go the extra mile to get the role . Initially , all I wanted to do was take every script just to get my face out there but right now , I want to do a movie because it appeals to me . The script has to have a message and only a good one gets me.

It is the same way you are woken up from a deep slumber and asked to write . You immediately begin to build up the body of your story by adding flesh to it. When it comes to getting into character for a movie role , you need to soak yourself in the script and create the character. If I have the opportunity, I ’ll like to play the role of a sniper. I ’m versatile and I have played virtually every role but you never can tell with directors , so I’ m open to every nice role . However, I cannot act nude .

Personal productions
I have shot about seven movies. Husband Shopping was my debut as a producer . Others are IMA , The View , Bedfellers, Sandcastle and two others whose names I can ’t remember now . The challenges are almost always the same . Funding is a major challenge . There is also no proper and sustainable channel of distribution.

Being a celebrity has humbled me in so many ways. From the onset , I set out to be original , true to myself and strive for the best at all times .

I’ m fashionable and my style can be defined as simple and classy . My favourite fashion accessories are my wristwatches and sunglasses.

I like to see a movie and I also love to read at my leisure time . I like to be relaxed and I love to cook . I ’m also a good dancer and singer . w

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