Saturday, June 10, 2017

Muyiwa Ademola reveals major cause of death among actors

In the space of a month, at least four actors have died in Nollywood , the most recent being Moji Olaiya. No doubt, this is currently a sad time for the movie industry .

However, in a chat with ace actor and filmmaker , Muyiwa Ademola , he revealed the leading cause of death among actors .

According to him , most of these deaths are caused by accumulated stress and could be avoided if one takes care of the body .

He said, “A very big problem we have in our industry is that we work round the clock, we spend nights at movie locations but we don ’t go for medical check - up. I have a doctor and I go for medical check - up every three weeks. I know when to take some days off work .

“For instance, if I work for about two weeks, I take a few days off to relax. I would just eat and rest. I also make sure I go on vacations and all I do in those times is just to eat and sleep. Most of the deaths in the movie industry are a result of accumulated stress without paying attention to one ’ s health. ”

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