Saturday, May 6, 2017


As Nigeria government is trying to eradicate corruption yet some gang of people are still involve in committing crime

As a scholar opined that nothing is hidden except is a treasure, nothing is find except is a secret,this challenges me as a student journalist  to conduct a meagre research on this issues.

According to encyclopedia volume one edition seven reveal crime as  a crime or offence (or criminal offence) is an act harmful not only to some individual but also to a community, society or the state ("a public wrong"). Such acts are forbidden and punishable by law.

Humm!!!, crime is now part and parcel of Nigerian cultures, there's no where you go that you won't  hear anything concerning crime and crises in a day,its now revealed that what people are doing secrecy is now become the tradition in buoyant place

Corruption was being shouted by the citizens of the country, and the government is being try to eradicate it by setting a committee to probe those who work against the law.

Yet as one crime is being killing then another one Begin to rise up. Crime begin in Nigerian from where maidens are wearing attractive cloth outside while having parents at home with no punishments.

As this goes on,hardly you could hear news without saying that some one rape a lad why?,you would also hear that someone commit suicide after graduated from the noble of both universities and polytechnics.

Crime of rapping a lad is now rapidly renowned among Nigerian men,and government is being sanction them by punishing them with the sword of law.

Recession is now set to go with his luggage but yet Nigerian people didn't want to Grant him liberty to go by increasing the price of good and commodity, what panacea to this??

Therefore, this write up,was write to plead to those in market and those that are selling petty Good to please, yield to what government are saying,just to make the work of the government to be revealed to the people

More over, those who are committing crime should remember that a day would be one day that whose called immortal won't able to answer while call

So many things is being happening recently, like motor accident,and fire accident.

Motor accident was caused by lack of good road,and driving with out care by reckless driver and many souls were being lost,while fire accident is being caused by so many things like careless while using electronic tools or by playing with electronic tools while there's power electricity supply

In a nutshell, our government of the day,we are pleading you to reconstruct all the bad road which can lead to a road accident to save many soul therefore, don't forget to provide tools and equipment to the reputable hospital so as to save life.

Writer: Babatunde Oniwinde, the Chairman of Prominence Team of Writers

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