Saturday, April 15, 2017

Why Marvis makes me scared of going to Port Harcourt–Efe

As much as he has become the toast of the moment all over the country since he won the recently concluded Big Brother Nigeria , Efe Ejeba said he is still scared of going to Port Harcourt primarily because of Marvis , his girlfriend in the house .

In a chat with Saturday Beats during the presentation of his car as the winner of the show , Efe said he wouldn ’t dare show his face to Marvis’ father and also her boyfriend because he kissed her so many times in the house.

He said, “I only kissed Marvis because that was the only thing I wanted to do . I respect women and I cannot afford to be fooling around with them. For me , kissing shows a little bit of emotion but if it goes beyond that , it means we are taking it to another level and that is why I did not go beyond that . I admitted in the house that I like her but I always knew that it would only last within the house because she has a boyfriend . At first , I thought she was not serious when she said she had a boyfriend but when she said she was serious, I had to be cool .

“I cannot go to Port Harcourt because that is where she is based . We all know how her father is, so I have no intentions of going to Port Harcourt or going close to the place . I don’ t have a girlfriend .

My priorities are different and I am not moved by women but that does not mean I am gay. Never . ”
Talking about his stay in the house , Efe said one of the most annoying things he encountered in the house was his fellow housemate, Debbie Rise and her guitar . According to the elated winner of the N 25 m price money , he had broken the musical instrument more than 200 times in his mind .

Efe said, “I was never really interested in Debbie Rise and when she came to the house , it was my duty to make her feel comfortable . In the house they told me I had to improve on my niceness because they felt I am not too nice but I tried my best . She took the vibe on a different level so I had to let her know that it was not what she thinks . Her guitar really got on my nerves and I had broken it like 200 times in my mind . Every day I set my eyes on the guitar , I broke it in my mind . ”

Prior to the end of the show , an online report went viral that the slang , ‘ Based on logistics ’, was popularised by an indigenous Warri rap artiste, Erigga .

When Saturday Beats accused Efe of plagiarism, he was quick to defend himself and said that anyone that says such just wants to create a controversy he is not ready for .

He further said, “I am sure that those who said that I did not form the slang just want me to talk. They just want to cause a controversy. A lot of things have been said online that is not true . I coined that word in 2013 when I went for ‘ Just Bring it On’ reality show . I won N 300 ,000 on the show . I coined the word because they were having a lot of logistics issues in setting us up because we stayed in the house for two weeks. Each time the guy came to meet us , he would say they had some logistics problem so before he tried to explain to us , I would tell the housemates that the matter was based on logistics in that previous show . The show was organised by Kevin Pam, winner of Big Brother Africa 2009 . ”

Unknown to many , being a part of the show was the first time Efe would be on an aircraft . He narrated his experience to Saturday Beats and he was not ashamed to say he was terrified.

“The first time I got into an aeroplane was when I was travelling for the show and I was really shaking . It was a terrifying experience for me when we were ascending and descending . My flight was from Lagos to Abuja and from Abuja to South Africa . The South Africa trip was worse because there was turbulence. There was a man who was chatting with someone and during the turbulence ; he was thrown away from his chair . I had to tighten my seat belt and clinch to the chair . That was how I was all through the flight ,” the singer said.
When asked how he would spend his N 25 m , he simply said, “Based on logistics , I would spend the money based on logistics . ”

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