Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Who's the best youth player ?

In his latest exclusive column for Goal, the Italy international has penned a four-part series in which he pays special tribute to his colleagues

Dear fans, dear football lovers,
This month I wanted to do something different. We often talk about myself in this column, so let's talk about my team-mates this time. They are my buddies, with whom I spend most of my time, so I thought it important to provide a few words for each of them.
Presial Kimpembe: "He has proved he's ready"
Asurprise for us this season. His performance against Barcelona proved that he is not just here for the future, he is ready now. He will play between 20 and 30 games for PSG this season. For a central defender of his age, in a team like PSG, that is very rare.
Maxwell: "PSG's future Sporting Director?"
He is my friend and now I take advantage of him because I know I only have three more months to play with him. So, I spend a lot of time with him. No one has ever said a bad word about Maxwell. He won everything in his life but remains very humble. I imagine him taking a role in the management team at PSG. Why not sporting director? He is loved by everyone, is always talking, in 5 or 6 languages, and represents the image of the club like few others. That would be a good idea.

Layvin Kurzawa: "Sky's the limit"

One of my most loved colleagues off the pitch. We are the same age so we spend a lot of time together. He is the present of France and of PSG, because he is really very strong. He can become even stronger if he realises his potential.

Thiago Motta: "The Boss"

On the pitch, he is the boss. He does not make ten assists in the year, but he is very important to the team. He understands football and I am sure he will be a coach in the future. We should take advantage of him because he is still good at his age. Even physically. He can make most of the running in his head. I hope he will be here another year. I will try to convince him and I think he will not have a problem playing another season.

Adrien Rabiot: "The best in the world at his age"

He is the best in the world at his age. He has everything. A great personality, and he’s very strong both physically and technically. This year he has found his place in the team and this is good news for PSG. The coach has faith in him.
Grzegorz Krychowiak: "Best dressed?"
Him and I often get involved in the game to find out who is best dressed. He is always smiling despite his injury problems. His game is different to that of Thiago Motta, but it is very useful for the team. We need his skills. When he returns from injury, I'm sure he will have his chance in the team.
Marco will be lifting the lid on six more of his PSG team-mates tomorrow, exclusively on Goal.

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