Saturday, April 22, 2017

Female Nigerian marries lesbian partner in US

A Nigerian lesbian woman , 53 - year - old Moji Solar- Percy, walked down the aisle with her American ‘ wife’ on Tuesday in the US, celebrating the freedom that she would not have had in Nigeria .

Solar- Percy, a real estate mogul, runs a company, Solar Worldwide Realty Inc . in Staten Island , New York . She gushed about her love for the woman , with whom she probably would have been arrested if the wedding had taken place in Nigeria .

Solar- Percy, who hails from Ijero - Ekiti , Ekiti State, describes herself as a mother , realtor, LGBT activist, speaker , coach and host on her Facebook page , did not reveal the name of her partner .

She wrote on her Facebook wall , where friends and families have been celebrating her new status, that she embarked on the marital journey with fear .

“Today I woke up in a cold sweat. I was drenched with fear , for a moment. I forgot where I was. I ask you all to close your eyes, imagine what would have happened Saturday at our wedding if we were in Nigeria .

“Even though we went to great lengths to make sure we had security , the thought of the police barging in and arresting all our guests , my wife and I, to be carted off to jail , the women raped and beaten , the men brutalised , and my children beaten along with everyone else .

“When I got my bearings, I got on my knees and thanked God for his grace of living in the US. Then I remembered all the people that could not do what we did with grace and class . To all of you (gay) all over Africa ,

#westandforyou. May all our days be filled with blessings and grace . ”

In another post on Facebook, she hinted that one of her children, actually did her make- up and hair.
“My make- up was all I wanted that day. My weave looked like it grew out of my scalp . To have my first child do my hair and make- up, then walk me down the aisle was one of the best memories of the evening,” she said.

According to her , the daughter had been doing her hair and makeup since she was 12 .

In the wedding , which was well attended by other Nigerians in the US, Solar - Percy and her bridge decked up in both traditional attires, while another picture she posted showed her wearing a white wedding gown and being attended to by her first child.

Friends say Solar - Percy has never hidden her sexual orientation.

Saturday PUNCH learnt that as is the tradition in many gay weddings , the broker and her partner made use of two aisles.

A source said that each of their bridal trains alternated going down the respective aisles, then Sola- Percy and her partner walked parallel to each other .

She was said to have hired two photographers to capture both of them as they walked down the aisle
In Nigeria , such a gay marriage would have met with a clampdown from authorities as a result of the country ’s Same - Sex Marriage (Prohibition ) Law , which prescribes up to 14 years imprisonment upon conviction.

Source: Punch

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