Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ekiti 2018: How APC can successfully stop PDP – Akerele, Ajinde Ekiti

One of the leading governorship aspirants of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State, Mr. Yinka Akerele, also known as Ajinde Ekiti, has taken the first step towards actualizing the dream of picking the party’s ticket ahead of the 2018 election in the state.

Akerele visited the APC secretariat in Ado-Ekiti.
His campaign team and party members had waited for hours expecting the man of the moment to arrive and it was clear the waiting was worth it as a thunderous ovation erupted on his arrival.

At exactly 12 17pm, his convoy arrived the party secretariat and the shouts of ‘Ajinde Ekiti’ interspersed with ‘Oko Oshokomole’ rented the air. He was received by the APC leaders led by the state Deputy Chairman, Mrs. Kemi Olaleye.

The party leaders commended Akerele’s efforts at making the party record activities and also advised him to ensure youths and women continued to get carried along in his campaign activities. The governorship aspirant later spoke to journalists, during which he  advised political office holders and the privileged in the society to give attention to issues concerning youth unemployment.

He also suggested a leadership that would include youths at all levels of government. “One major area our youths need to be more actively involved in is the area of leadership. There is the need for more young people to be represented in decision-making bodies. We should also mobilize our youths for a lofty cause and get them gainfully engaged”, he stated.

“I implore the privileged in the society to make it a duty to find ways of creating employment opportunities for the army of our unemployed youths by tapping our entrepreneurial skills and creating business opportunities. This will go a long way to save us from looming crisis as we sit on what could be termed a keg of gun powder if the number of unemployed youths keeps increasing and nothing is done to address”.

Akerele restated his commitment to the mission to rescue Ekiti from poverty and underdevelopment.  “Our opportunities are too great and we must not waste this moment. Let us seize the moment and make it productive. For four years, the PDP government has ravaged the state and assaulted our pride but our people are daring and they are ready for change. This is time for new beginning in Ekiti”, he said.

“The dream of the founding fathers of Ekiti State is to occupy the land with people of character and ensure it remains a place for the breeding of the virtuous who are exemplary in characters and in deeds”.

Akerele urged his fellow contenders for the APC ticket to regard the battle to wrestle power from the PDP led government as a battle for all and not for an individual.

“I want to specially appeal to others eyeing the governorship ticket of the APC to let us do everything to avoid scenes of division preparatory to the primary election. Our adherence to party’s goal should remain sacrosanct. The mission of wresting power from the usurpers must dwarf other negative tendencies as we must work in unison and remain united until we record success democratically in wrestling power from the present government.

“What has frequently occupied my mind is the issue of returning Ekiti to the path of glory, the pride of being an Ekiti indigene is known for righteousness, academic excellence, high moral standard and the other good virtues. It is a duty therefore that we must make frantic effort to grow in the minds of the people. There is also the need to jealously guard these hard earned qualities that are synonymous with the people of the state. Drifting to the negative path must be halted and greatly discouraged’.

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