Friday, April 21, 2017

'I wish I raped the 15 year old girl'- Footballer, Adam Johnson caught explaining his ordeal to inmates in shocking secret video

Remember Adam Johnson, the former Sunderland footballer who was jailed last year for 6 years for having sexual relations with a 15 year old girl fan?, (read here and here ).

Now, father of one, Johnson, 29, has been secretly caught on camera bragging to his fellow prison inmates that he wished he raped the 15 year old fan, that all he did was kiss her but he is serving 6 years in prison because of who he is. He also said he thought the girl was 17 or 18.

Johnson, while gesticulating with his hands and chest also said that there were people who raped 12 year olds and served prison sentence of 1 or 2 years but he's being made to suffer because he's a celebrity and nothing more. With this new revelation, it'll be very hard for Johnson to be given an early release from prison.

Read the full transcript of the conversation and watch the video after the cut.

Prisoner: “How long you got, six years int ya?”

Johnson: “Yeah.”

Prisoner: “And you never even f***ed the bird?”

Johnson (laughing): “I didn’t even get my c**k out.”

Prisoner: “It’s not like you f***ing raped her or owt like that?”

Johnson (laughing): “No, I wish I f***ing did for six year.”

Johnson: “I was going to the home games like, you park your car in the car park and she was at my car every game right, waiting for me, just standing there like in all the gear and that… like tight jeans, little shirt, t**s out (makes crude gesture), not like skirts and that.

“Then after the game she was asking for pictures all the time.

“This went on for about six months and the next thing she says, ‘Can you get us a signed shirt?’ and uh… then she added me (on social media).

“I accepted her, got talking to her, I didn’t, I didn’t know, I just thought she was 17, 18.

“Got talking to her for a few weeks and then I met up with her and f***ing kissed her and…”
Prisoner: “Next thing you’re doing a six stretch.”

Johnson (laughing): “And there’s lads on here who’s f***ing shagged like 12-year-olds and got 13 months and that.

“D’you know what I mean? They got like half the time!”

The ex-England star is later asked if he will play professional football again when he gets out — but says his chances will be wrecked by “do-gooders”.
Johnson: “I’ve got more chance abroad. You can’t get a second chance in England man.

“All them do-gooders they’ll come out and say, ‘Nah he can’t play and all this, he’s done this’.”

Prisoner: “If you were Joe Public, you wouldn’t have gone to jail.”

Johnson: “I would have got a caution at the police station. They might not even have charged… If I wasn’t who I was, he (the girl’s dad) wouldn’t have gone to the police station. I didn’t even get me c**k out or f*** all.”

He also talked about women getting drunk on nights out — saying he felt bad for footballer Ched Evans, who was cleared of rape last year.

Johnson: “If she’s apparently (makes speech marks with fingers) too drunk to consent you’re getting f***ing buried.

“People on nights out you know who’ve been p***ed, the girl’s been p***ed, a bit like with Ched, what happened to Ched, where you can feel a bit for them (the offender).

“How many birds have you gone back with who’ve been p***ed, you’ve been p***ed, f*** them? If they say, ‘I can’t remember what happened’ you’re f***ed. D’you know what I mean? You get done for rape.”

He also said if he wasn't popular (Joe Public) he won't be serving in prison for 6 years.

Johnson: “He’d get off but because it’s me he won’t… that’s what I’m saying. People think I’m getting special treatment. I get treated actually less.”

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