Friday, April 21, 2017

Argentina woman gives birth in coma… meets son four months later

In late 2016 , a 34 - year- old policewoman in Argentina — in a coma after a car accident — gave birth. Four months later , Amelia Bannan has regained consciousness and has finally met her son.

During the first part of 2017 , “she moved sometimes, made signs of waking up ,” said her brother Cesar.

“Last Thursday , during Holy Week , we were in her room at the clinic, and we heard someone say ‘Yes . ’ We approached her . It was a very moving moment. ”

On November 1 , Bannan and her colleagues — including the father of her child, also a police officer — were in an accident in their service vehicle . Bannan was gravely injured .

As she languished in a coma in a hospital in the city of Posadas , her pregnancy moved along as planned. Santino was born by cesarean section a few hours before Christmas , in perfect health.

Bannan’ s sister Norma “took care of Santino . And every day at 6 pm , she brought the baby to Amelia ,” said brother Cesar.

When Bannan finally regained consciousness last week , and her sister brought Santino to her , she at first thought the baby was her nephew. Then her family explained the happy news.

Bannan began to remember what happened to her . At first speaking in a confused manner, she eventually made herself understood, her brother said.

“The doctors said that Amelia has defied all scientific logic, that her case is truly a miracle,” said Cesar, who is also a cop.

“Amelia is young , and despite the traumatic brain injury she suffered, she is surprising us ,” said neurosurgeon Marcelo Ferreira , who is treating her .

“She still has a lot to give. She needs time , and everyone needs to be patient. ”


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