Wednesday, April 12, 2017

23-year-old girl wants to marry the 75-year-old father of her friend

A Nigerian lady needs the support of the public
in making a life-long decision
- The 23-year-old wants to marry a 75-year-old
man who is her friend’s father
An unidentified lady has decided to share her
ordeal with the public. The 23-year-old lady
reached out to Joro Olumofin, the Lagos-
based psychologist and therapist on her
present situation.
The young lady revealed that her friend’s
father is interested in making her his wife.
He has made his intentions towards her
known to her family members as the young
lady who is a Nigerian student said he set her
and her mother up by giving them four
million naira.

According to her, her mother is fine with the
arrangement and does not object to the plan.
However, she revealed how terrified the
whole thing makes her since she will end up
becoming her friend’s mother after being
married to her father.
Screenshot of the mail sent by the 23-year-old Nigerian
The 23-year-old girl also stated that her
friend’s father is a 75-year-old man who is
madly in love with her. They have both found
ways of making each other happy and she is
rest assured she would be fine with him.

The young girl believes love has nothing to do
with age and time, the only thing she is
bothered about is her friendship with the
daughter of the 75-year-old man.
Do you think they could be friends long after
she has gotten married to the man?

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