Wednesday, July 20, 2016


SUG's Bemoan conduct of Gombe NANS Election, lament insecurity charge convention chairman to probe the 244 accredited senators de mobilisation funds

~ Aruna Kadiri sue for peace as key aspirants alliance thickens to pronounce the new convention date

~ Power Tussle : Stakeholders distance self from IBB declaration in the absence of NANS election, Disown Egalitarian and others for their connivance and desperation for power

~ Royce Ochai: "I still remain the sitting Senate President by the virtue of NANS constitution" Assure Nigerian Students of his commitment in conducting the convention soon, Register his displeasure on disrupted NANS convention

~ Prince Miaphem plead to student union presidents to remain calm, promise to announce the convention date soonest, assure them of transparency

~ Sheriff Zadok commiserate with the students that lost their lives in a ghastly motor accident while returning back to Kano,Wish the Petroleum Tranning Institute students speedy recovery.

NANS SP: Zone A, B, C and D Agog for Adeyemi Azeez Amoo as his chance of becoming next President of the Senate bids high over his contemporaries.

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